Sunday, December 31, 2006


We have had news in the past week of two families needing prayer. First of all we know of a couple (who we met at a camp meeting two years ago) that just lost their 3 month old baby while visiting out of state. They live in North Carolina and were visiting in New York. They put the baby down for a nap on a bed and when they came back they found the infant had died. As far as I know the cause of death is not known. So...they had to go through quite a process to be able to take the infant's body out of New York and back to North all the questions from the police.

Secondly we just heard that my husband's Aunt just found out that she has cancer. The doctors told her that she has 6-9 months to live. So....please pray for the family (her husband and children especially). She sounded very strong on the phone when she spoke with my MIL. So...I just wanted to ask for prayer for those two families.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Can you hear Him?

Well...devotions have been sporadic and that is completely my own one else's. This morning my devotion was about hearing God's voice. Matthew 11:15 says, "He that hath ears to hear, let him hear." And one of my favorites, John 10:27, "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me." So my question to you today is....are you one of his sheep? Do you hear his voice and follow? Does God know you...or are you one that claims to know him and when you get to heaven he will tell you to depart for he never knew you. I pray that all could fall under the category of being His sheep. Why is it that people want to go their own way instead of being under the protection of the shepherd? Every time a sheep strays from the shepherd it brings nothing but trouble. If they stay where they are supposed to they are protected. It is funny how God compares us to sheep and not chickens, cows, deer, etc. Comparing humans to sheep is perfect. Whether we want to believe it or not. ;) Just a short post today. Wanted to share these verses. May the Lord bless you today and the rest of this year. =)

Friday, December 22, 2006

Baby Update

I went to see the midwife again her new house...and everything seems to be fine. When she measured me she was surprised how much I grew from last time. Apparently this baby wants to catch up with his/her siblings quickly! So...I am very happy and she is pretty sure the baby is still head down.

On Wednesday night I came home with 4 dresses for DD and I finished one for myself yesterday. We are doing it again this Wednesday and there are 3 more dresses for DD and 2 for me! They should all get done Wednesday as long as a certain Miss G remembers her bobbin holder! ;) Two of the dresses for DD are already started. I can't believe we had about 5 sewing machines going at one time! It was truly a blessing. Well..I better go and work on some more projects!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Great Week much has happened, it seems, since Friday. After I came down and saw the 100 balloons... the day was pretty normal. That evening we went to my in-laws where my MIL made me a birthday dinner of spaghetti, garlic bread, salad, and chocolate cake with penuche icing. (not sure if I spelled that right). They also gave me some money to put towards a baby sling I had been wanting. What is amazing is I ordered the sling on Saturday and got it on Monday! I still can't believe it. Can't wait to use it with the baby! =)

On Saturday we went to a friend's home to drop off fabric and I find out that along with a girl from church they made me a jumper and blouse for my birthday! I love it. I was actually able to "squeeze" into on Sunday. If I grow any more I won't, but at least I have a beautiful new jumper. I was dropping off fabric because this afternoon I am going to her home and there are going to be about 5 of us sewing dresses for my daughter and myself. DD will probably have almost 5 dresses by the time we leave. Hopefully DS will have a vest and I hope to have at least one dress to take home to. There was a lot of sewing that I needed to do, but I knew I wouldn't get it all done in time and I am being blessed with this. If I can get batteries for the camera I will definitely get pictures and post them. The batteries died on the camera last week....they sure don't seem to last long. :( Oh Well....

As for myself, I am trying to seek the Lord in all things. I let myself get to "busy" with the things of this life this summer/fall and I think I tuned out God's voice. I am back to having more regular bible study, but go figure this morning my little girl woke up early. I have come to realize though, that as a mother, I am not going to be able to have the devotional times I once had. But as I go about my day I try to "drink up" as much of his word as I can. I like to post bible verses around the home..I hope to post about these one day too when the camera is functional. ;) I know there are many areas I fall short in, but I am learning not to dwell on them. I know that is what Satan would have me do. If I were to focus on what I can't and not on the things I can do or have improved on....he has one because my outlook is bleak. Negative thoughts do nothing for my spiritual life. Christ already fought that battle for me. I just need to remember to always look towards Christ and he will see me through. He has already helped me to come a long way in my spiritual walk with him, but he isn't finished with me yet. He is working on me so I can have a heart like his.

I know this is a strange place to just leave off, but I need to get back to my children. May the Lord bless you and keep you through this day and week. =)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!! =) far today I have received a lovely note from my hubby and a living room floor full of Balloons!!!! Needless to say the children are having a wonderful time playing with the balloons. I am going to finish getting ready and the children ready and I think we are going to visit Nana (at work) and the residents at the Country Club. Tonight we are invited over to Hubby's parents. She is fixing my birthday dinner. Hope all have a wonderful day!

***Update**** After some counting and talking to Hubby...I actually have around 100 balloons!!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Not a long post today but I just wanted to take some time to share some wonderful verses I read in my devotional time this morning.

Psalm 37:4- Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

Romans 12:10- Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another

Proverbs 4:26-27- Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established. Turn not to the right hand nor to the left: remove thy foot from evil.

Proverbs 4:18- But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.

And this is one of my favorites...

Isaiah 55:8-9- For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

When I had struggles over the past few years this verse reminded me that God is always there and just because I thought something should happen a certain way did not mean that was God's intention. Especially when hubby lost his job of 5 years 6 weeks before DD was born and they refused to give him severance (sp?) pay.

We did not always understand everything God was trying to teach us, but we thank it for him everyday. We have so much to learn if we only open our hearts to God's word. Many people know God's word, but don't really KNOW it. I mean...they have the head knowledge, but it's not in their heart. If you do not believe God's word with your whole heart there will never be a change. I have seen this firsthand from many individuals. They can quote scripture after scripture to you, but their lives don't bear any fruit. One of my former pastors is actually like this. He is a very intelligent man and knows a lot about the Bible, but his life....he doesn't bear any fruit and that is probably why he has left his position as a pastor (he left it over 4 years ago) and is following the world with it's standards. It really is quit sad. challenge to you all today is to listen to what God has for you. You may not know for a while his direction, but He will make his desires known to you in due time. Trust me...we waited for 2 years on a "job direction" for Hubby and we are still waiting on answers for some other things...but we know the Lord will show us when we are ready and the time is right.

May the Lord bless you all on this December day. ;)

Oh yes...if you have time check this link out. Hubby found it probably a year or so ago, but just "found" it again to show me. It is all too true in our society.

Monday, December 11, 2006


Okay here are the pics I was talking about in the previous post.

This is the awesome coat Hubby got me for my birthday. Believe it or is WASHABLE Suede! That is what the tag and washing directions we will see. I absolutely love it!

Here are a couple of pictures of the "house" my parents brought up for the children.

These last two pictures are of an Oak Leaf Runner that I tested for Kathy (aka Katchkan) over at Crochetville. I just finished it today. Anna ...don't worry...I am starting the cozies tonight! ;)

A Blessed Weekend

This weekend was truly a blessing. My parents came up on Saturday and we are a wonderful visit. As soon as Mom and Dad got here Mom went to work. She helped me sort the children's clothing and get them in boxes. I sorted all of DS clothing before DD was born (clothes he had outgrown), but since then.....I failed. So at least now the boxes are marked whether they are boys are girls clothing and the size. Will be much easier after the baby is born to find the clothing that will be needed as he/she grows. I was going to do it next month, but it would have taken me ages to do it and we got it done in one day. After about 1 hour of working we went out to eat for lunch at Jakes....I like Jake's but hadn't been there in almost 2 years probably ...and Mom and Dad treated. Which was very kind of them. Once we got back Mom and I continued on sorting and Hubby and Dad did a lot of odds and ends job around the house. They put another rod in our closet to hang clothes on...which was badly needed, to say the least! Oh yes, the children have a play house now. Mom and Dad's pastor's family had an extra outdoor fisher price type play house and they brought it up this weekend. So now the children have their own little house.

Once Mom and Dad left our family was on a mission. To find a DVD/VCR combo for Hubby's mom. She wanted to buy one for Hubby's dad for Christmas. to KMart we went. Once at Kmart there were a lot of things on sale. We got the children each a new pair of Jammies (buy one get one free!) and Hubby got a fleecey type pullover for halfprice. Hubby wanted me to look at coats (he has been trying to get me a winter coat for years!) I made one when DS was a few months old, but I made it so heavy the thread is giving in a lot of places. We have searched garage sales and thrift stores to find a coat, but no luck. If I actually liked the coat it was usually a size 6 petite....and there is no way I would ever be able to wear that! Not at 5'10". So after Kmart Hubby suggested we go to JcPenney. They had their coats 60% off! Well...I looked around and fell in love with one, but I still didn't want to pay $80. Well they had a big sale this weekend and Hubby found a coupon that if you spent over $75 dollars you got $15 off. So he bought me the coat for my birthday and we saved $130 off the original price!!! I still can't believe it. I haven't had this nice of a coat since my high school letter jacket (at it was a nice coat too.) So now I don't know what to do with myself. It's such a nice coat. I will try and take pictures of everything later, but I have to have good sunlight with the digital. The flash really changes the look of everything.

Anyway, on to Sunday. I was blessed by the message at church, but the biggest blessing came that evening. My inlaws offered to watch the children so Hubby and I could go watch Handel's Messiah at MVNU (my alma mater). It was so wonderful! I remember not caring for it at all in college and was a blessing to my heart and soul. I have most of it memorized anyway. When DS can't sleep we put the CD player in his room and he loves listening to the Messiah. So I had about 90% of it memorized! When we returned the children were bathed and in jammies, so all we had to do was bring them home and put them in bed.

So, now that I have told you about my weekend, I better get started on my household duties. And Monday is laundry day! I want to try to stay on top of things this week to. My nephew's birthday party is Saturday and I don't want a lot of things left undone before we go to see him. Which reminds me....I need to find a gift for him! Oh my...where is my head. At least I know my MIL is making me a cake for my birthday. I am hoping for her chocolate cake with ganache icing. ;) That is the best!

May you all have a blessed Monday!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Date Night

Well Hubby and I made last night a "date night". Before he got home we went to the grocery store and purchased appetizers, other food, and ice cream for dessert. Well...I fed the children and then we got them in bed a little earlier than usual...but not by much. Anyway, I was fixing the food...we sat down and had our appetizers, which were very good, and waited on the "main" meal to be done. We started eating and Hubby looks up and sees DD standing in the doorway. She should have gotten in trouble, but she was just too cute standing there. So...she sat on Papa's lap and had some of our food. So, another woman ended up "stealing" my man...for about 3 minutes. Then it was back to bed for her. Once she was in bed we watched the movie "Luther." Very good movie about Martin Luther, if you haven't seen it...I would recommend it. We also like the old black and white about Martin Luther. We always say that they should take parts from both movies and it would be outstanding. Anyway...I just had to share about our date and the "woman" that walked in on us. Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tip from Hubby

Hubby let me know yesterday to make sure not to clean mirrors with a solution that has ammonia in it. Have you ever seen mirrors with dark/black spots? It's probably because it was cleaned with a solution that had ammonia in it. If the ammonia gets behind the mirror it can "eat away" at the backing. So...I just thought I would share this little tip with you. Enjoy! So DO NOT use Windex (r) or any other cleaner with ammonia.

A little of this....A little of that

Well....still trying to get things in order around here. Yesterday I spent a good portion of the day hanging pictures and stuff. I try to be as "careful" as I can since they are plaster walls. :p Oh well...This plaster seems to hold up better than the old farm house we just moved from. Those walls seemed to crumble all around if there was a tiny hole put in the wall. Then last night we went to Lowe's (I LOVE Lowe's!) and purchased an electric heater to help cut down on using the gas furnace so much. The upstairs of the house stays really warm (it was insulated in just the last few years), but the downstairs is a lot colder. (opposite of the other house). Last year the couple you owns this home spent $380 for December!!!! I definitely don't want to spend that on gas. So...we are taking shorter showers (DH even times himself sometimes...he's so silly) I only wash clothing in cold water (except for towels, underwear...that sort of thing) and the electric heater will keep the furnace from kicking on so much. A friend was telling us a couple nights ago that his renter runs those baseboard type heaters (like what we bought) and his monthly electric bill is only $80. I couldn't believe it. I don't know what ours will be like, but at least it will be reasonable. Oh yeah....we also bought more of the compact fluorescent lights. I was inspired to replace all of our light bulbs after reading this article. We don't have energy star appliances (but I hope to some day), but at least our refrigerator is it won't use as much. We are just trying to keep our costs down as much as we can. I love this site always inspires me. This spring I will hopefully be doing some raised bed gardening. Will just have to wait and see though.

Mom called me yesterday and said that they are planning on coming up for a visit Saturday. The children will be very excited to see Grandma and Grandpa....just hope nothing gets said about us not "decorating" for Christmas. Oh well....won't be anything new. So today my goal is to try and get the computer/sewing room in order so I can do some much needed sewing and we can use the treadmill. Right now...there is too much stuff on the floor to use it. My sewing list is getting long. I need to make DS pj pants; DD a nightgown, and at least 3 dresses and I need to make a couple of dresses for myself too. Oh yeah....I also need to make a slip cover for our couch and one of my favorite chairs. So...I better get to work because I need to finish the laundry up too! May you all have a blessed day!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Another good report!

Just got back from going to see the midwife. All looks good. Blood pressure, pulse, measurement and baby's position all look good. She is pretty sure the baby is in the head down position which is really good to hear. Last time the baby had His/her head in my ribs. Hopefully the baby will stay head down. With DD I needed to go see a chiropractor and he gave me an adjustment that gave her more room and she turned from Breech to head down in two days! So..Praise the Lord...he has answered prayer again. But now...back to unpacking...I know...I know...I am really, really slow at it. But that is okay. We are being blessed with a family from church coming over tonight with supper...So I don't have to cook!!!!! May you have a wonderful God Filled Day!

Thursday, November 30, 2006


I thought I would share a few pictures quickly from the parade we went to this past Saturday. I think (for 2 children) we brought home about 3 lbs of candy (easy) It was amazing how much they where giving the children! The first picture is of the children in front of Nana and Prapaw. You can see my little "cowboy" with his hat on. ;) The theme was a "western" type theme for the parade so the children had their cowboy boots on (compliments of Nana and Prapaw.) The next two pics are of DS's favorite things.... Horses and firetrucks.

These next pics are of my goofy children. ;)

Can you tell DD likes her two fingers? ;)

No...I haven't gone missing

As some of you may think. I have just had a lot to do. Everything is still not put away yet. I have been exhausted the past couple of weeks. By the end of the day I feel like I could sleep for 12 hours. So...I am very slow on getting things done. Plus there isn't always a place to put everything. My kitchen is very small and There are boxes of items because there is no where to put my cookbooks, spices, and containers. It is just trying to figure out where everything goes and that it is in a place I will think to look later. ;)

I just wanted to do another quick check in. I am to see the midwife on Monday and hopefully the baby has turned, but...I don't think it has. I may have to go to the chiropractor on this one too. (DD was breech) So I will give all an update on that Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully I can get the house somewhat in order so I can post pictures. May God bless your day and week!

Friday, November 24, 2006

How was your holiday?

How was your Holiday? Did you stuff yourself full of God's word and not just food? I have to say that I failed in that area. We went down to my parents Wednesday night and came back last night becaue DH had to work today. It was a good visit...better than they have been in the past. The children had a lot of fun with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Sonya, and Eddie (Sonya's BF). Tomorrow we have my husband's family get together to go to. Another place to stuff ourselves! I remember before we got married we went to 3 or 4 Thanksgiving meals in one weekend! Never again!

I am slowly getting things organized in the house. When I say slowly....I mean slowly....Pregnancy and 2 children sure do slow me down. But that is okay. It is only for a season that I will have these 2 "little" ones. It seems I get one room organized...go to unpack more boxes and the "organized" room become "Disorganized". Oh least I can see how many boxes I have emptied...and it has been a lot.

Well. I just wanted to check in with everyone. I need to get back to making dinner! May you all have a God filled weekend!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Still Alive

Yes...I am still alive. Just stressed as much as I could be. If it wasn't for the Lord...I don't know where I would be. I wanted to let everyone know that we got most of the items moved, Hubby and BIL are moving stuff from the Barn tonight. Have a great day.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Moving Week

Yes, this is officially moving week! I am so excited, but am so exhausted. With being 7 months pregnant, watching 2 small children, and packing.....I don't feel like I am worth much. I just can't wait for this week to be over and I can start getting settled in my new house so I can make it a home. I just wanted to do a quick post before I went back to packing. I pray all are having a wonderful week so far!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sweater Set

I saw that Anna posted the Winter Cables guess what? I am finally going to post mine!

The first pictures are of the hat, sweater, and pants that I made for baby. In case you didn't see the "ticker" at the top of the blog...#3 is due February 7th.

The next picture is of DD wearing the sweater and hat I made from the same design, but added snowflakes.

Found a House!

I just wanted to let everyone know that we found a house to move into! It's in town, but has a double lot with a 6+ foot privacy fence. Hubby and I think that the Lord is trying to tell us that having a lot of land to take care of is not for us this point in our lives. With 3 small ones this summer that would be a lot to take care of. It is only a block from a park that the children love and I can have my clothesline and I will have a few raised bed gardens this summer. They don't take up a lot of room and it will be less work for me with the 3 small ones. Last years garden was a 50x50 foot. We are moving in a little over a week! It is fast, but with THanksgiving the weekend after and everything we figured we should just go ahead and get it over with. Now the big thing is....we need a refrigerator. That is a pretty big thing that we need. Oh well...the Lord will provide. So here are the pictures. (Also..I finally switch over to Beta Blogger. The

regular one was giving me way too many problems.)

Here is a picture of the front of the house.

And a side view.

Another Side view.

And a picture of the back of the house and yard.

Well Since we are moving quickly I better hurry and finish up the packing!

Monday, November 06, 2006

How sweet

My children just amaze me sometimes. Last night DS wanted me to lay in bed with him until he went to sleep. Well...I laid there and he wasn't about to fall asleep. I sat up...kissed him on the forhead... and he said.."No Mama...I need you." I then replied, "I need to do a load of laundry Honey." He then took out his hand from underneath the comforter and took my hand in his and said, "Please." How could I turn that down! Well...I couldn't. So I stayed there a little longer. We went through the same dialog one more time about 10 minutes later and about 10 more after that he tried pushing me out of bed and told me to go. I guess he realized I wasn't helping him fall asleep.
This morning on the way to see the midwife the children where holding hands in the van and praying. They actually fight over who gets to pray! I guess there could be worse things to fight over. My visit with the midwife went just fine. AFter checking my hemoglobin, blood pressure, pulse, baby's position, heartbeat, measurement, etc. She said everything looked fine. Now...We just need to find a house! Oh well...Since I was gone this morning I better go and get to my laundry and packing! I pray you all had a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I love it Mama!

This has been DS favorite saying for the past couple of days. It is so cute! I was making a cake and he said, "I love chocolate Mama!" Then today he said, "I love soup!' He just keeps repeating what he loves over and over to make sure that you heard him. Then tonight after DD and DS had been bathed DD climbed into DS bed and they hug one another. DS then said, "I love her!" It was the most precious thing!

Still haven't found a place yet. We are trusting in the Lord to provide. We have never been homeless yet. Right now...besides packing..I am getting ready for another craft show locally. It's actually at the church where Hubby and I were married. Most of my work will be Friday when I make the twinkies and truffles. Right now I think I better go. I am struggling to keep my eyes open. I need sleep! Blessings to All.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Binder for the Keeper at Home

I know I posted about my binder a long time ago. I finally got around to taking pictures...even though I am not really using it too much right now....with trying to find a place to move and everything. Here is the front of my binder. I realize the pics are blurry, but just bear with me....The camera was free and I am not complaining about it.

When you open my binder this is what you will see.
In this pocket I keep pencils, pens, index cards, scratch paper, and scissors. Then I have my dividers (which I need to add tabs to.) My first section is my schedule. I actually have everything scheduled out for the day...the time, the activity...everything. I have done this because it keeps me more on track. At this point if I just make a list of what needs to be done I tend to get off track and then I don't get done what I should. Plus when we get to move I will have to totally redo this (almost) so it fits my cleaning routine and everything for the new home. I forgot before my dividers I have this little saying. It is a great reminder for me. ;)

The next divider is my cleaning section. In here I have a paper that lists every room and what needs to be cleaned in each room. This way if Hubby helps or someone else comes to help they can just look at the list and they don't have to ask what needs to be done. I also have my "recipes" for my homemade wipes, and cleaners...which is mainly vinegar and water. ;)

Binder...continued wouldn't let me post anymore pics in the last post so I had to move it to another post. next section is my Meal Planning. In this section I have blank calendars for the month. I write out what our meals are going to be for each day and this helps me for my trips to the I know what to purchase and how much to purchase. This also prevents from the never ending problem of..."What are we having tonight?" We always can change, but it is nice to not have to try and think about what to make each day.
I then have a calendar section. Here I have blank calendars (monthly) printed off for the next year. I write down appointments with the midwife, trash day, grocery trips, family gatherings, etc. This way it is all written in one space.

My last section is my coupon section. This mainly contains coupons for JoAnn's. ;) But I put ad's and other things in there that I need to keep track of for my shopping trips.

My binder is definately not done, but it is off to a good start. I have a separate binder for homeschooling but it doesn't have a whole lot in it yet since the children are still young. It is gradually having things added that I want them to do though. So...I hope you enjoyed peeking at my binder! :)

The Kingdom Races

Which kingdom do you run after? Do you run after the Heavenly Kingdom? Or do you run after the things of this world? Matthew 6:33 says, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." Matthew 5:6 says, "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for the shall be filled." Do you have initiative to strive after the things of God? Or are you someone who is idle and just goes along with the things of this world. As many have read we are in the process of looking for another place to live. We could be consumed with fear and anxiety trying to figure out what to do...we could be like the rest of the world and just jump on the first thing that comes around (which may or may not be God's will.) We have chosen to wait and see what God has in store for us. I have a friend that says, "God is never late, but he is seldom early." That is so true! We think God should take care of something right now....but that may not be what his plan is for us. If we can learn to wait on the Lord he will, I believe, richly bless you. He has done that so many times in our life.

I know on Saturday I talked about going to look at a house. For the price there is no way! The carpet in the place needed to be replaced 20 years ago! I do not want my children crawling around on that! So...we are still looking and seeking the Lord in all of this. I know he will come through, but I need to hold onto that as the days pass by. ;) I now need to get to my laundry and do some more packing. May you all feel the presence of the Lord with you today! (He is always there!)

Friday, October 27, 2006

Family and Packing

Well...haven't posted much because I have been either cleaning, packing, or running errands. Last night we all grabbed a bite to eat and went to Sam's Club as I am almost out of laundry detergent. I purchase a 40 lb tub for $11+ and it lasts me for over 2 months. When it was just Hubby and I would last us for 6 months! It is still a really great deal though. Today...I went to the store to purchase khakis for Hubby. Going from hanging insulation to office work requires different clothing. Which is okay...I actually found pants he likes and that fit him well at K-Mart! Go figure. So I have bought a total of 3 pairs of pants and 1 dress shirt. They are working on getting him work shirts (white button up shirts with the NCI logo on it). The only thing I don't like about those though is that they automatically take so much money out of each paycheck for the shirts because they have a laundry service for them. When he hung was great, but for nicer shirts I think I could handle it. Oh well...we will see if they get him any or not. If not...I will be purchasing more sweaters and nicer shirts.

While I was in the store my cell phone rang...catching me completely off guard because it wasn't Hubby, but my mother. My Mom and Dad are coming up tomorrow forenoon for a visit and to have lunch together. So.....I have been working very hard...with Hubby's help (after work) on getting this house in order for company to come over. Now that is a chore. This house constantly has two tornadoes going through it and they are my children! Oh...some days things go well and they don't make huge messes and they clean up after themselves and other days....well....I need to pray a lot on those days. So anyway....Mom and dad are coming in the morning and in the afternoon we are off to a Birthday party at my Sister In law's home. It is our nephews birthday, my brother in law's birthday, and my sister in law's that order. Nephew's was on Wednesday, BIL was on Thursday, and SIL was today (I think that's hosw it goes. ;)

Oh yes, I forgot...we are going to look at a rental in the morning before Mom and Dad arrive. Further away than we would have liked but we have to give it a chance. This will be the thrid one we have looked at. It is amazing how expensive rentals are! I can't believe it. We are spoiled though. The man that owned this we knew really well. He gave us a really good deal since we have to heat with propane. Anyway..I better get off of here and get back to cleaning before I take my shower and head to bed so I can get up early to finish cleaning! Blessings to all.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Are you caught in the Dog Pen?

I don't remember if I shared this already or not, but if I will just get to hear it again. Last week when my husband went out to his car to leave for work he noticed that Shad, our dog, was wound up more than normal. He actually noticed him barking a lot since 5:30 that morning. Well when he got in his car and turned on his won't believe it. There was a cat in the Shad's pen! It was sitting up on top of his doghouse. Why in the world the cat would ever be possessed to get in there is beyond me. Hubby distracted the dog so the cat could jump out. But later this whole scenario got me to thinking. How many of us are like that cat? We don't see the devil and think ..."I could sneak in there just one time and I will never get caught." And then to our surprise Satan comes out from the Shadows and we are trapped. He has us cornered and there is nothing that we can do about it. We have to call upon the Lord to "distract" Satan so we can get away from his hold.

I praise the Lord today that he sent his Son to die for my sins so I don't have to be trapped by Satan in the pen. I was given a free and easy way out. Just something for you all to think about today. God's blessings.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Quick post

I know that I haven't blogged much lately. I have been busy packing things here and there. Today I went to the store to purchase oil and filters so Hubby can do oil changes on the vehicles this evening. Once I am done here I need to go and do a thorough cleaning on my kitchen and pack some more. I will write when I can.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Our First Annual Snow Family Celebration

Well....for the first time ever it went very well. Because we are actively searching for a new place to live...our day was cut a bit short. But that is okay. I made blueberry muffins for breakfast and we had orange juice with them (Which is such a treat for us!) Then we went into town to look at a rental, but aftwards we went downtown to a shop called Woolson's. There is our children's favorite thing! A mechanical horse, but not like today's modern ones. This one is at least 50 years old and it only costs 25 cents for a ride that lasts for a very long time!!!! They each got to ride the hors 3 times! They were so happy! After that we went down to the coffee shop on the corner at Hubby and I got our favorite drinks (The Buckeye, and a Mocha). That was really nice and then we headed home. Once we got home I put the ham in the oven to bake. So..since we were going to eat a lot we had a late lunch. We had baked ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and Wasail (recipe complements of Marci!) It was a very nice lunch. Oh yes...I forgot that during the day our family started working on our very own version of the traditional ABC book. We haven't decided what to do for all the letters, but once we do Hubby will slowly start illustrating them. He is a very good artist (at least in my humble opinion)

So anyway...I just wanted to let you know how our day went. Next year when Hubby has time off we are going to do a lot more things. This will one day turn out to be a week long activity. We have a lot of ideas for things! I am excited. We decided to do this since we don't get into Christmas with Santa and all the gifts. We wanted a time for our family to celebrate what the Lord has done for us and I think this is going to be the perfect way to do it! May you all have a God Filled Day!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Fair Warning

I just wanted to give everyone fair warning that the posts on this blog for the next month or two may be sporatic and "crazy". We are definately moving. Where....I don't know yet, but we know we want to be moved by the first of December. They are selling this house, but it may be a while....but one of son's might buy it and rent the house, ....but..... There are just too many "what if's" and we decided it would just be best to move. Trust us...we don't want to move. This will make our 4th move in 4 1/2 years of marriage. We are trying our best not to worry about it. We know the Lord will provide us with a place to live, but the thought of moving again is almost just too overwhelming. We just want to find a place where we can live for 5 years and not have to move. We moved out of the trailer because I was promised we would only stay there a year to save money. The house after that...we found out that our Landladies where definately gay and I wanted out as soon as possible. This isn't really our choice to move (nor is it the choice of the daughter that is in charge of the home) but when the owner (their father) died one of the children really wants her money. So I said things will be a little crazy around here.

Probably because of everything going on Hubby gave me "permission" to go to JoAnn's today for their big sale. I got 2 yards of two different flannels to make jammies for the children, a Sunbonnet Sue cross-stitch pattern book, and the 99 Little Doilies book that I have seen Anna talk about a lot. I really wanted the 99 Snowflakes book too, but with us moving I didn't want to spend anymore money. I spent $25 and I saved $24. With my coupons I saved $13 and the flannel was half price and that saved me around $10. I thought I came away with some great deals.

Well I better go. I figured I better pack a few boxes everyday. That part always seems to take so long! Then I need to get ready for our 1st Annual Snow Family Celebration Day! May all have a God-Filled Day!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lay Up Treasures in Heaven

This morning's devotion was not necessarily "new" to many people, but it is a good reminder. It was on Matthew 6:19-21. It spoke about laying up treasures in heaven instead of on earth where thieves can steal it and it can be destroyed. Where our treasure is....our heart is there also. Where is your treasure? I am not saying that we can not beautify our homes, but how do you go about it. Do you think you need designer this and that...or do you find simple things to beautify your home without spending a lot of money. We need to concentrate on things above and not things that can be destroyed in a fire or that can be taken (stolen) from us.

A good way to put this "command" into action is to be Thrifty? Are you a thrifty person? I know I try. I have failed the past few weeks, but I have been reminded (by myself) that I need to be careful of how I spend the money my husband works so very hard for. I am sorry I am going to have to cut this short, but I hear the children starting to "stir" in their beds. Just remember ...are you extravagant or thrifty. May you have a wonderful God Filled Day!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Short Post

I had a really busy day today. Just wanted to let everyone know I am still here ;) and that I canned about 6 1/2 quarts of applesauce today. I will "tackle" the other 1/2 bushel tomorrow. Hope all had a wonderful God Filled Day! Oh yes...I also finished a doily, but have to wait to see if I can post once I find out what the designer is going to do with the pattern.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Titus 2....Family?

When you hear Titus 2_____. Most people think of Titus 2 women. Well this weekend I got to hear abou the Titus 2 Man and Family. Our camp meeting was absolutely wonderful! We all got together on Friday night to start off. There was a meal Friday evening (which we missed because Hubby had to work, but that is okay) then we had a time of singing and then a message from Brother Paul H. (another like minded church). (He told us he was going to be speaking on the Titus 2 Man. Of Course he covered the entire book of Titus over the weekend. Not just the 2nd chapter.) Wow!!! I have to say I am very happy just having my role as a wife. The husbands have such a responsibility as leaders of the household. I realized I need to be more supportive for my hubby. He has a lot of responsibility to "carry" on his shoulders. I am so blessed to have a husband who is responsible and takes care of his family and has a felationship with the Lord. The speaker went over the qualifications for an elder in the church, which is always a good reminder. Then he also went over how to deal with false teachers and the like.

So...after the message on Friday...I stayed up until about 11:45 pm fellowshiping with other sisters. Hubby had taken the children to our room to try and get them to go to sleep (No luck) Then Saturday Morning we had a wonderful breakfast and before the service we all divided up into prayer groups. This was such a blessing to be in a small group of just women (The men did this too) and have a time to share what was on our hearts and to share prayer requests...which we had time to pray for too. Then Paul shared the morning and evening messages that day about Titus 2 Family and parts of chapter 3. During the afternoon children from ages 5-25 played "The Game". I didn't get to see it because I took a nap with DD, but I heard it was quite a doozy!! It sounded like the children had a lot of fun! After the evening message we had time to spend with one another around a camp fire and singing songs (which hubby got to do and I stayed with the children..I was tired)

Sunday morning was such a blessing too. After Paul shared the rest of his message on Titus we had a time of communion with one another. Once we had communion the women and men divided up and we had a time of feet washing. This is where we would wash one another's feet and we would bless that person and pray for them as we did it. It was very emotional for some. It was quite humbling really. I could go on and on , but I just wanted to share a little bit about our weekend. I pray that you will allow the Lord to open your heart to his word. May the Lord bless you today and all through the week!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Hat for my Wonderful Son

Well after making a hat for Hubby I made a hat for DS. I made it smaller because...he is a boy. WEll the child must have a really big head! After frogging the thing completely I still ended up with it being a little too small. Oh least he has a hat now even if it doesn't fit him perfectly. It is out of the small yarn that Hubby's is out of, so they have matching hats. I might make DS a scarf too. He really like wearing scarves last winter. I don't know. Right now I am really busy with keeping the home, testing for people (at least I finished for Anna), and actually...I need to get ready and get things packed so we can leave for the camp meetings as soon as Hubby gets home! So...I probably won't post until Monday. May all have a wonderful God Filled weekend!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Practice Secret Disciplines

Now...I realize most of you are probably wondering, "What in the world is she talking about?!" Matthew 6:3-4 says "But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth: That thine alms may be in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly." I know that it does not mean that I should let my left hand "see" what my right hand does, but trying to explain this early was hard. I asked my Hubby before he left for work and he said, "It is doing something without thinking about it. That your giving is second nature." I like that...second nature. Is giving second nature for you? Do you give so that people will commend you and thank you openly? If you give to charity maybe you should do it anonymously? Also we shouldn't be thinking that we are "so great" because we did this or expect to get recognized for it. What we do in this life is seen by our heavenly Father above and he will reward us in due time.

My challenge to everyone today is to find a charity to give to, volunteer for, donate items for......or find a family that is in need and help provide for that need. Maybe the family needs a sack of groceries to get them through until the next payday. Or maybe the children need diapers, clothing, etc. Is there a way that you can help out. Are you good at sewing? You probably have a "stash" somewhere that you could make blankets to donate. If you knit or crochet baby hats, blankets, and booties are always welcome at places like CareNet and sometimes hospitals (especially for newborns). If you cook maybe you can help out at a soup kitchen or a hot meals program. There are all sorts of things you can do! The possibilities are endless. I bring this topic up because: 1) it was my devotion for the day and 2) with the holiday season coming up I know how a lot of people get. This is the time of year when "Me" is most important and getting what I deserve. I pray that you will seek the Lord and ask him where you can be used and in what capacity. May God fill you life with Joy today!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I went to see my midwife today. I am 23 weeks along and everything looks good. I am surprised I really haven't gained any more weight than what I have. I lost some weight, but never really gained anything back yet. But my midwife didn't seem concerned. I hope to have gained a little weight by my next visit though. The baby is growing as I am starting to "pop" out more the past 2 weeks.
Aren't babies amazing? Here are a couple picks of DS and DD when they were born.

Ds is on the left and DD is on the right. Do you think they look alike? ;) They both take after their father. Maybe this one will actually look like me! Who knows..they are beautiful none the less.
After I went to see the midwife my friend, my children, and I went to Zinck's fabric store. Their $5 bolt sale was deceiving (not the big bolts like we thought) but we still got good deals. I will try and post pics later of what I bought. I purchased fabric to back DS's blanket, fabric for slips/bloomers, fabric for napkins, fabric for aprons, and fabric to make DD and I a dress. Before I can get to all that sewing I have a lot to do. So May you all have a wonderful God Filled Evening!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Son's Love for Horses

I don't have a lot of time to post, but I had to tell about my son. As most of you have son loves horses. Yesterday and today he was telling the "baby horse"...."Come here baby...I won't hurt you." I was absolutely amazed to watch the 2 1/2 month old animal come to my son and let him pet her. It was so cute! It is almost scary to see the larger horses come over. I know they wouldn't hurt my son on purpose, but they are just so much bigger than him. Here are a couple pics I caught of them. The first is of DS's new friend. I don't know if the neighbors have named her yet. The second is of DS feeding the horses. He wants to make sure they are taken care of.

I also wanted to show a picture of how our trees in the front/side of the house have turned. The person renting the farmland started combining the beans today. That provided a lot of entertainment for my children (at least for a while). They can never seem to sit still. ;)

I am off to see the midwife tomorrow. I pray all have a wonderful God Filled Day!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Hat for Hubby and Pics

I just finished a hat for Hubby today and wanted to show it off. ;)
Here is DH modeling it. Isn't he cute?
I also wanted to post a picture of the children on one of their favorite things. The Lawn Tractor!!!

Faithful Women

I know...I haven't posted in a while. I have been very busy. I don't usually post on Sunday anyway, but on Saturday I was at a Faithful Women Seminar in Plain City. Deeper Life Ministries is the "organization" that puts it on every year. It was wonderful. I have been able to go two years in a row now. There were 4 speakers (typical format). Barb Coblentz spoke on "Deceptions Common to Women", Elizabeth Bricker spoke on "Attitudes that Destroy/Attitudes that Build", Karen Hostetler covered "Qualities that Enable My Husband to Trust Me", and Loveda Schrock ended the day with "Priorites that Please God." They were all very insightful and wonderful to listen to.
Common Deceptions Barb covered were: 1) I am a victim of abuse, therefore I can never be whole, 2) This is who I am. I'll always abe this way, 3) My value is based on my performace, 4) I have to be liked by everyone 5) There's a limit to God's resources, and she covered a couple of others. Most of us would never say that there is a limit to God's resources, but sometimes we may think or live like there is. I know I have been guilty of that when our family was struggling with job and housing situations. There are also many women who believe that they can never is just the way they are...THis is also not true. God can change anyone if they allow him to.
Oh..I could go on and on about the conference but I won't. I think you could probably purchase the tapes from the seminar by contacting Deeper Life Ministries. It would definately be worth your time. They already have the seminar planned for next year for October 6th. So...if any lady out there would enjoy an uplifting and informational day with other women...I would suggest you go. They also serve a wonderful lunch, coffee, tea, and cappuccino. ;)
Well..since I have been gone I have a lot of catching up to do. May you all have a blessed day and may you walk with the Lord!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Short Post

I don't have time to post much today. Yesterday the children and I went to visit a friend (from High school) in Columbus. We had a very nice time and the children loved her Dog Cortez. I wish the pictures came out, but the dog wouldn't stay still. ;) Go figure. Anyway..after lunch we went to Garden Ridge. I used to love that store, but I hadn't been in almost 3 years. Well...we get there and pretty much all the craft (cross-stich, yarn, etc) was gone! least I don't ever have to worry about going back there again. I will just stick with Hobby Lobby, Joann's Etc, and Michael's. I have all three within 30 minutes of me! ;) So...Sabrina if you are reading this....THANK YOU for allowing my children and I to come to your "home" for the day. I am reminded why I don't like big cities though everytime I catch rush hour traffic. It wasn't terrible, but it was starting to get that way when I left.

Also...I finished something else for Anna. No....I can not tell you...You will just have to wait until she puts the pattern up for sale. I love this lady. I will say that it is very cute! Okay...something else. I do need to get to cleaning the house (which is very cold today) Go figure...they didn't know about r-19 insulation back in 1850. Oh well....I also need to get back to work on Titus' blanket. If I can get some more rows done today I will try and post pictures of my progress. Right now I have about 7-10 rows done and you can't see a whole lot yet. If I get this Tunisian thing down..I want PC stitch pro so I can make a lot of graphs and start doing more afghans with graphs. Okay...enough jabbering and on to work! Have a God-Filled Day!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Picture Day

I just felt like posting some pictures today. The top picture is of the barn and the garage on the property we are renting. The second picture is of my son's favorite animal. He loves getting to see these work horses everyday! I wish we coudl affor a horse for him, but it will be a long time before that happens. The third one is one angle of the house we are living in right now. Can you see DS's "horse" on the front porch? I love how the trees around the house are starting to change color. The picture below is of my children watching the Lawrence Welk show (in honor/memory of Grandpa George) It was Grandpa George's favorite show and DS would watch it with him every Saturday night. The children just love it! Grandpa George would be so proud! ;)

This last photo is of the Tea Cosy my partner sent me. I was never able to post it before, but I wanted to make sure I put it on my blog for all to see. Isn't it pretty! Hope you all enjoyed seeing pictures today.

Oh yes....Make sure you all go over and check out the Lullabies and Lace shop (link under Crochet heading) Anna has done the "smart" thing and has made me a moderator for the forum. I knew she was brilliant! ;)