Monday, December 04, 2006

Another good report!

Just got back from going to see the midwife. All looks good. Blood pressure, pulse, measurement and baby's position all look good. She is pretty sure the baby is in the head down position which is really good to hear. Last time the baby had His/her head in my ribs. Hopefully the baby will stay head down. With DD I needed to go see a chiropractor and he gave me an adjustment that gave her more room and she turned from Breech to head down in two days! So..Praise the Lord...he has answered prayer again. But now...back to unpacking...I know...I know...I am really, really slow at it. But that is okay. We are being blessed with a family from church coming over tonight with supper...So I don't have to cook!!!!! May you have a wonderful God Filled Day!

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Marci said...

Glad you got a good report, Melanie!!