Monday, December 29, 2008

It's So....

strange how people can look so different in pictures. I love taking pictures of Little E. He is just so adorable! I can't get enough. But after these pictures were taken and downloaded we couldn't believe how different he looked in these. And yes, he is in a diaper and cowboy boots. :-)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

This week...

went by way too fast! We had three sick children in this home (and I had it for a few days as well) so a lot of things were put on hold, but we still went to grandparents homes. We went to my parent's home last week. The children were just starting their colds and Little E was fighting sleep. Dad took him and he fell asleep within a few minutes. It was so cute I had to get a picture. It's just too bad that he woke up after only 20 minutes or so because his poor little nose was so stuffy and his little lungs were starting to get "junk" in them.
Through the sickness there was plenty of time to play Leg*s with Papa.

And then at my IL's home there was time for the catching up with friends. :-)

Then there was a special present from Nana to Sweet E. It's a locket that Grandpa had given to Nana and she wanted to give it to Sweet E.

Uncle B.....they have to be picked up by him everytime they see him. :-)

New jammies all around.

Even good books to read.

And let's not forget....imitating Grandpa. (Don't worry...I only let him do it because the can was empty.)

I Love Mice!

No, really I do. But you should let me explain first. I should clarify that I don't love the rodents that people find in their homes nibbling on food in the pantry or making nests in the insulation. So, I definitely do not love those mice. These are the mice that I love. :-)

These mice are wonderful to have in the home, but not so welcome for my waistline. ;-) They are made out of maraschino cherries, sliced almonds, and kisses. What could be better?

Friday, December 19, 2008


Need I say more? I almost fell down the steps to go outside and take these this morning.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

What's Pink and Black all over?

The new jumper I finally finished for Sweet E. It took me way too long to get it started, but I finally did last night and finished it this morning. If you are looking for a quick and cute jumper for a little girl. This is it. You can find it at the Handmade's called the Miss Molly. Anyway, I had to have my sister find a plain black shirt for Sweet E because I couldn't find any her size. I love sewing for her because she gets so excited. She says, "Oh! Thank you Mama...I love it!" What's better then that? So when I went to take a picture of her in it....the model in her came out. ;-)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Aged Women

"The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed." (Titus 2:3-5)

I am blessed to have many "aged women" (Now ladies don't take this the wrong way) ;-) to help me along my journey, not only as a christian, but as a mother and wife. But it wasn't until my reading this morning that I realized to a friend of mine...I fall in this category. Now mind you...I am only 29 (which is old to some, but very young to most.) Every week when we talk she confides in me many struggles and triumphs....and she is usually looking to get my opinion. I just never realized it until this morning. Do I really teaach my friend to lover her husband, her child, and to be a discreet, keeper at home? It was a sobering thought this morning that I am much more aware of now, that I am a teacher not only to my children in school, but to other young women who are newlyweds or new mothers. May the Lord give me the strength and wisdom to lead her down the path of blessings of being a "Titus 2 woman."

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Birthday....

was yesterday and I had a wonderful day with my family. I first had to run to the library to get books for school this coming week and next, but afterwards my family took me to Ontario. No, not Canada, but a town next to Mansfield to get my birthday present. Just look at everything they spoiled me with! I finally got something to hang on my door. What is more perfect for the Snow family then to hang a snowflake on the door! The welcome sign was separate, but Beloved thought they would look good together and everything in the holiday section at JoAnn's was 60% off. (almost everything, but all the things I got were) So I finally got something pretty to hang on my front door.

Then they got me some wonderfully scented pine cones, candles with snowflakes, decorating bags, and a large set of decorating tips. We had a 50% coupon for the tips so instead of $50 we got it for $25. It turned out to be cheaper to get these set of tips instead of the ones at Wal-M@rt, that are half the size, for $28. Now I can decorate my families cakes to my hearts content. :-)
I also got this shelving unit to put some of our books on to help unclutter the front room. So now the front room has one less shelf. :-) Just one more to go.

Oh, I did get the children a few craft things for school while we were at JoAnn's. They already decorated the snowman, house, and penguin. Can you guess which one belongs to Sweet E?
And I can't forget to show this. A marble rolling pin. My MIL mentioned that she used to have one and she remembered that I said I would like a new/heavier rolling pin some day. So look what she got me! I can't believe how heavy the thing is.

Oh yes, when we got home from our shopping trip Beloved and the children made my birthday cake and they did a wonderful job!

First, I need to show you my supper before you see the finished cake. Isn't it cute. We finally remembered to get the special birthday plate out for my birthday. So it's the first time I got to use it. Anyway, I had an egg, juice, sausage, and a snowman shaped pancake. It was so cute! here is a picture of me with my children and the beautiful cake. Notice that they were more interested in the cake!

And here is a video to show just how many sprinkles they put on it. I don't think I ever had a cake that crunched before. LOL :-)

Just one more thing. I put my shelves together and went to put books on it, but I couldn't. This is what I found in my way!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Busy, Busy Week

Wow, a lot has happened in one week. On Monday I renewed my driver's license, went to a tea, had an appointment with the eye doctor; Tuesday- school, laundry, and we were taken out to dinner by a couple in our church while their daughter watched the children; Wednesday- school, Brittany came over for a visit and we built a castle, and prayer meeting that night for people in our church going to Haiti; Thursday- school, Hannah and Bella came for a visit; Friday (today)- school (2 lessons) and friends coming for dinner tonight. Whoa........a long, but very productive week. So I just have a couple of pictures to share while I had a minute before catching up on dishes.

Here is a picture of the castle Brittany helped to build.

Elijah just relaxin' again. :-)

And look who is walkin'! It's Bella!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Happy Birthday to.....

Marci! May you have a blessed day. December is a great month for birthdays...don't you think? ;-) So head on over to her blog to wish her a happy day.

I also wanted to show a quick picture from our ladies tea yesterday. I only got a couple, but isn't the table beautiful?! And the food was delicious as well. I hope the ladies had a great time visiting with one another after I left. (Had to get to my eye appointment.)

I need to show just one more picture. Saturday after breakfast I came to find me children getting a ride from their "horsie." They had so much fun, but I think Beloved's knees wanted to do anything with it. It doesn't help it's a hardwood floor.

** the pic to show up. The Schwartz girls are leaving for a while. We should have done it before Hannah left, but we didn't get around to it. I think they leave on Friday.**

Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Beautiful Sight!

It's a wonderful blessing when Beloved volunteers to scrub our floors. Not only did he scrub the floors but he had help as well. :-)Sweet E started out helping by drying the floor after Papa did the scrubbin'. ;-)

But Little E decided He wanted to help as well. It was so cute! You can see Big T's hand helping out as well at the top of the pic.

While they did that I was taking inventory for our monthly shopping trip this Friday. It sure is a good things payday is Friday. I think we really need to go shopping! :-) We have some leftover stew from last night, peanut butter, apple butter, sour cream, a bag of cheese, and eggs. Oh...but we do have some delicious coffee. :-) That tub of whipped cream isn't whipped cream. It's what I keep my yeast in. Don't's all I had at the time. :D

**I should add that I do have a sponge mop, but I dislike it....a lot! It can't get as good of a cleaning as hand scrubbing does. :-)**

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

So Much....

Cuteness! I just cant' take it. After breakfast this morning I caught Little E looking pretty cozy. :-)

Monday, December 01, 2008

Have to catch up....

It is amazing what one day away from home can do to a person. It totally knocked my schedule off track, but I am trying to regain traction today. Gotta get that laundry done first and going to make myself a mocha soon too. So that will help. :D I first wanted to share a few pics from Friday when our wonderful friends Ron and Ginny came for dinner and games. We had some yummy pizza and iced Christmas Eve tea (Yummy!) After dinner I finally got to play Tri-Virsity. It was a lot of fun. I didn't win, but I didn't come in last either. ;-) I guess I wasn't trying for the "glory words." LOL

Poor Ron didn't want his pic taken. :-)

This boy just can't get enough pizza. :-D I love his eyes!

Game Time!

MMMMMM.......chocolate. Thanks Ginny!

The next morning we took it slow. The children and I stayed in our jammies longer than we should have, but then I decided to take the children to the parade in town. But first....I couldn't find Little E. I didn't know where he went. Then I walked into the laundry room and saw my clean clothes laying on the floor. He pulled my laundry out so he could climb in. I don't know what I am going to do with this child! :-)
After I got the goober out of the dryer and dressed. I loaded up the wagon with a chair for me and the younger two children. Big T helped me to pull the wagon. The parades starts real close to the house so we only had to walk about 3 1/2 blocks to watch it. Unfortunately Beloved had to work, but the children and I had a good time. Here is the crew after we arrived at our spot.

Big T spotted the start of the parade......

Here they come! Little E was dancing right along with the band. :-)

They loved the tractors......

.....big trucks......


....and horses.
Oh...and the library "drill team" is always fun to watch. :-)

Even though it was all fun and we got lots of candy :-) Little E was ready to go home. So ready that he started to pull the wagon with his sister in it!