Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Birthday....

was yesterday and I had a wonderful day with my family. I first had to run to the library to get books for school this coming week and next, but afterwards my family took me to Ontario. No, not Canada, but a town next to Mansfield to get my birthday present. Just look at everything they spoiled me with! I finally got something to hang on my door. What is more perfect for the Snow family then to hang a snowflake on the door! The welcome sign was separate, but Beloved thought they would look good together and everything in the holiday section at JoAnn's was 60% off. (almost everything, but all the things I got were) So I finally got something pretty to hang on my front door.

Then they got me some wonderfully scented pine cones, candles with snowflakes, decorating bags, and a large set of decorating tips. We had a 50% coupon for the tips so instead of $50 we got it for $25. It turned out to be cheaper to get these set of tips instead of the ones at Wal-M@rt, that are half the size, for $28. Now I can decorate my families cakes to my hearts content. :-)
I also got this shelving unit to put some of our books on to help unclutter the front room. So now the front room has one less shelf. :-) Just one more to go.

Oh, I did get the children a few craft things for school while we were at JoAnn's. They already decorated the snowman, house, and penguin. Can you guess which one belongs to Sweet E?
And I can't forget to show this. A marble rolling pin. My MIL mentioned that she used to have one and she remembered that I said I would like a new/heavier rolling pin some day. So look what she got me! I can't believe how heavy the thing is.

Oh yes, when we got home from our shopping trip Beloved and the children made my birthday cake and they did a wonderful job!

First, I need to show you my supper before you see the finished cake. Isn't it cute. We finally remembered to get the special birthday plate out for my birthday. So it's the first time I got to use it. Anyway, I had an egg, juice, sausage, and a snowman shaped pancake. It was so cute!

Okay....so here is a picture of me with my children and the beautiful cake. Notice that they were more interested in the cake!

And here is a video to show just how many sprinkles they put on it. I don't think I ever had a cake that crunched before. LOL :-)

Just one more thing. I put my shelves together and went to put books on it, but I couldn't. This is what I found in my way!


Brian said...

Happy B-Day,I love you.

Ginny said...

Oh, yeah! Happy Birthday!

Marci said...

Happy Birthday Melanie. I am so glad you had a great day. Your cake is wonderful!!!!

Anna said...

Happy belated Birthday. Sprinkles are the BEST!!! (Chloe's opinion)