Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I isn't technically summer, but I consider June the summer season. A lot is going on but I just wanted to take a minute to share a couple of pictures. First up is a picture of my garden. I am pretty happy with it. We have 9 raised beds now and next year I hope to have more. :-)

Here is a link to my post about the first garden at had at this house. Only 2 raised has come a long way. :-)

Next up is just a photo of me at 21 weeks. It's amazing how fast time goes by. Soon Big T will be 6, the garden will need harvesting, and then the baby will be here.

So...that's all...just a couple of pictures. :-) Hope you are all having a blessed week.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Homemade Yogurt!

For the first time last night/this morning I made homemade yogurt! It is great. I just have a few quick photos to show the process. First I added my yummy milk to the crockpot. Once the milk was in the crockpot I turned it on low and let it set for 2 1/2 hours. When that time was up I unplugged it and let it set for another 3 hours with the lid on.

After 3 hours I whisked some starter into my milk. In this case it was some organic yogurt.

Once that was done I covered the mixture (still in the crockpot) with the lid and then wrapped 2 bath towels around it to hold the heat. Then....I went to bed! Yep...this is the super easy way to make yogurt. When I checked it in the morning this is what I had.'s yogurt! As soon as I took the lid off I said "It smells like yogurt!" So I knew my first attempt was successful. :-)

I then put it into a glass container and left some in another container to use it as my starter. With how well Little E and Beloved liked it (along with myself) I have a feeling I will be making more very soon. :-)

We even had some for dinner. I added a little Stevia to the yogurt to sweeten it and then added homemade granola and raspberries. It was delicious! Also for dinner we had chicken salad with the greens from our garden and the radishes from our garden. Oh...I even made homemade croutons that I drizzled with coconut oil instead of butter. Those were delicious as well.

I know this next photo is pretty random but I love getting packages in the mail. Yesterday I got the order of vitamins for Beloved and I. I just have to say how much I love these vitamins...they are so great. Although....we sickness off and on during this pregnancy...I have to wait to take them until right before bed. If you are curious about these vitamins you can find them here at Beeyoutiful. They are a great company to deal with...if I do say so myself. :-)

Oh and before I forget...if you would like the exact recipe on how to make the yogurt you can find it here at Nourishing Days. I pray that you all had a wonderful God Filled day! Blessings :-)