Friday, September 29, 2006

Some more pictures

Here are some more pictures of items I hope to sell at the Craft Show.
This evening I am going to make homemade "twinkies" and oreo truffles. I also have a few other things to sell but no pictures as of yet. ;)

Because I Can!

Since I finally figured out how to download photos from my "new" digital Camera...I thought I would. Here are pictures of some of the items I hope to sell at a small Craft Show/Fair tomorrow.

These are 2 bunting dolls that I crocheted. Aren't they just adorable? ;)

This photo and the next are jean purses that I made from Dresses that where given to me and I would never let my daughter wear. I thought they came out really cute. Hopefully someone else will think so and want to purchase one.

This last one if of "Mommy and Me" aprons. I don't know how well they came out in the picture but I hope you can see them okay. I have a set of pink, blue, and lime green aprons.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Do you mean what you say?

This morning as I was reading in Matthew 5:37, I believe, it spoke of your yea, being yea, and your nay, nay. It says that anything more comes from evil. you mean what you say? Are you a person that makes promises to your spouse or children and doesn't fulfill them? I know I catch myself saying, "I promise I will read to you shortly." When shortly never comes. :( I am trying to watch how i word things to my children so promises and the like are not turned merely into words that are just said at a whim.

I also wanted to comment on my Hubby's new position. I don't know exactly what the position is...and he doesn't fully know yet either, but he enjoyed himself yesterday. It looks as though he is the "go-to" and they will be looking to him to streamline things. Yesterday he fixed a computer problem, went to Mansfield to pick up computer parts, and traveled to Lexington to do some measuring for a job the closet organization people will be doing. So I hope he enjoys himself today just as much as he did yesterday! Praise the Lord. May the Lord bless you as he has so richly blessed us! (The picture above was taken last fall)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Vision Forum Contest

Okay I know there are lots of you out there that love to win things and there are a lot of you that love the Vision Forum catalog. Well Kim over at Life in a Shoe is having a contest where you can win $700 worth of Vision Forum stuff! You have got to check this out. My family loves the catalog. If we had the funds we would purchase a lot from them, but that is going to have to wait. We do have some DVD's and wonderful books from them though. So like I said. Go check it out!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I received my "new" digital camera from Peggy yesterday. I am so excited that I will soon be able to post pictures on this site of things I talk about! Once I figure everything out that is. Once the leaves start changing colors you can be sure you will be seeing pictures of it here. I love fall! My favorite tree in the fall is in the backyard of my inlaws. Their maple turns a beautiful bright orange! It even "lights" up their back room in orange on a sunny day. Oh...I can't wait! I hope to purchase some apples next week too! I love making applesauce and thanks to Marci I hope to be making some apple pie filling as well!
Being Reconciled was part of my devotions this morning. The text was from Matthew 5:24-25. "Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath aught against thee: leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to they brother and then come and offer thy gift....." It goes on, but I remember Ephesians 4:26 that says, "Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath." Is there someone that you have not asked for forgiveness? Have you taken full responsibility for your offense? What have you done for the person you offended? We need to "check our hearts" before we worship for things such as these. Are we able to come to God with a clean heart before worship? If not...why not? We should go and take care of these things right away. I remember my BIL and my Hubby doing this. I remember BIL making a long list of people he needed to ask forgiveness from and tracking them down...and calling of contacting them on the computer if he couldn't find a phone number. Most were very surprised to hear from him after many years, but I believe most where grateful and I know BIL is to. For now he can say he at least tried to reconcile with individuals he had offended in the past. So...this is just something to think about for the day. I pray that all will feel God's presence throughout. Remember to think on his word throughout the day!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Praise the Lord!

I can finally get my laundry done on my regularly scheduled day (at least most of it). It seems so long since I had a Monday that was is just colder now, but that is just fine with me. Just something about hanging clothing on the line makes me happy inside. I love to see it blowing in the breeze. I have 3 lines, but it is made for 4. We ran out of money for the 4th line and have just never gotten around to getting it. That is okay though. Next spring I will definately need that 4th line though. Baby clothes may be tiny, but they tend to take up a lot of room! ;) I can hardly believe that I have half way through this pregnancy. I have so much to get done.
Right now I am trying to get things together for a craft fair that is this Saturday where my beloved MIL works. Last year I didn't sell anything except bread, but after the hurricanes last year nothing (like craft fairs) seemed to do well. At least...everyone I talked to. So I am busy trying to get all of that done. At least DD Easter Song dress is finally done! Yes Anna...I did actually finish it. I know I am terrible. I can't wait to get pictures of it to show everyone. DD loves the hat that goes with it. She just loves wearing hats in general.
I hope to tackle some "school" later this morning with DS and later with DD. I am having a hard time with DS on learning his colors. Some days it seems like he understands and others....well..let's just say I haven't found out what works best with him yet. That is okay though. I know he is only 3, but I want him to get used to sitting down each day and working on puzzles, coloring, and such. Plus it is a great exercise to get me used to it too!
This mornings devotional happened "late", but I was able to get it in. It was from Matthew talking about Honoring God's Law. I was reminded about a verse that I memorized before DD was born. It is from Psalm 1:2-3 and it says, "His delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper." It reminds me that we are not just to think about the Lord here and there, but that he should be on our minds at all times. I have challenged myself to pick up bible memorization again. I started before DS was born, but before DD things drifted off to where I haven't worked on it in a very long time :( . My BIL has about 50 memorized and he does pretty well reciting it if someone asks him the verse. So I am going to do my best to memorize 1 verse a day (M-F).. We will have to wait and see how that works. Well..back to my laundry and my children. May all have a God-Filled day!

**Update- Hubby is getting promoted from hanging insulation to the computer department! I am so happy for him!**

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Let our Light Shine

Matthew 5:16- "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven"

This was the verse for my devotion today and it definately gives you something to think about. Some people like to "brag" about what they have done for the Lord and they use this verse to supposedly back them up. Well...we are not to seek the approval of men. As Christians we are to love the Lord with all of our heart and good works will just be an outpouring of that love for Christ. If no one what. Our heavenly Father knows about it and that is the most important thing. I am very happy on how well my devotion time has been going this week.

Oh...guess what! I am going to be getting a digital camera. Peggy wrote and offered it to my family. I am so excited. It doesn't really matter that it is not the latest and greatest, but it is at least something for us and we are very grateful for it! Now I can post more pictures on my blog. THis is going to be great.

Yesterday our group canned around 180 quarts of Bacon and Bean soup. I will be bringing around 41 quarts home! I am so excited. When the baby comes and things get a little "crazy" it will be nice to warm up some soup and fix some cornbread. I still can't believe we were able to do all of that. It was such a blessing to be with other women working yesterday. My children did fairly well at the dear Sister's home. I wasn't sure how they would do being away from home for 12 hours and not on their regular schedule.

I almost forgot! I received my tea cosy from my swap at Crochetville. It is a lovely tea cosy and fits my tea pot perfectly. She also sent some french vanilla tea, two skeins of yarn, a tape measure (which I wanted for the diaper bag to take around with me), and some crocheted snowflakes which I absolutely love! I can't wait to receive my items for the Kit Mitts swap at Crochetmania. My partner is in the middle of moving right now though. So..I will just have to wait and that is fine. Well..I better get back to my duties and watch the children. Hubby should be home within the hour! God's Blessings to all!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Canning Day

This is just a short post as I will be soon heading to a friends home to can up some Bacon and Bean Soup. I cooked my 10 pounds of bacon yesterday, saved the grease, cut up the carrots and the celery. I also am taking about 1 1/2 gallons of tomato juice. I hope we all have enough. Hope all have a great day!

Matthew 5:12- Rejoice and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prohets which were before you.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What a Day

My day started out very well. I have been able to get more on a schedule the past two days. Due to this I was able to make Hubby breakfast and pack his lunch...which he enjoyed very much. After my devotions I checked our e-mail and then I heard my "sweetie" coming down the stairs. Her favorite saying right now is..."Awwwwww, Cute." I love to hear her say that. It is so adorable. She will hold her babies and say, "Aww Cute." I just can't get over it. We all love to hear her say it. After that she went and woke "bubby" up. I then heated up their breakfast.

Well after all that it seems as though the children grew horns. ;) Not really, but I couldn't believe it. Next thing I know..DS has dumped 1/4 of the powdered laundry detergent on the floor (neither one has ever bothered it since we moved here in January), he got into the refrigerator, and then the freezer and pulled all sorts of items out. It seemed that everywhere I walked I found something that they had gotten into. I DC (direct connected) Hubby because I needed a sane person to talk to. WEll...after talking for a while we decided that this was a spiritual attack. I haven't had devotions on a consistent basis since we moved here, but I have been for the past few days. It seems that Satan is trying to deter me from keeping up with my time with the Lord. I just need to remember that and that I need to lean on the Lord during these times. I pray that the Lord gives me strength to deal with my children in the right manner today and I know he will.

One reason I am able to have my devotions and make breakfast more consistently is that I worked on my Management Binder for the home yesterday. I was able to complete my schedule (although it will probably be altered over the months), my cleaning routine, and my calendar. I wish I had a digital camera and then I could take pictures of it, but it will have to wait. I also made sure that I had a pouch in the front with a pencil, notecards, pen, and scissors. I will have to add a menu section and a section for...well..not sure yet, but I know there will be more. My schedule is very detailed but I find that if it isn't detailed...I get sidetracked. If I don't follow the schedule exactly for the day..that is okay. Well..I smell the bacon..I need to get back to watching it. I am in the process of cooking 10 lbs of bacon for our canning day tomorrow. After I clean up from the bacon I need to chop the carrots and celery. That way we are ahead a little bit for tomorrow's big day! May all have a God-filled Day!

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Great Mouse Chase & Repentance

My day started off very interesting. I got up this morning with Hubby...I know..It's a shock to me too! Anyway, I made his lunch while he made his breakfast. After I made myself some to and was going to sit down to do my devotions I figured I better check the mouse trap. When I went to find wasn't was gone! Well...this is the sort of trap that this never happens with and we couldn't find it anywhere near the spot we laid it. After searching for a few minutes I finally saw it sticking out from underneath my piano! It had caught the mouse by the foot, which I haven't figured out yet! Anyway..hubby went to grab the trap and was shocked to still find the thing alive and well. So needless to say I had him take care of it before he went to work! I am so glad I checked the trap!
I am also going to try my best to get my swap tea cosy sent out to my partner today since I finally got her address. I thought I had it but then realized it was only her street address and no city, state, or zip! I also finished up to newborn hats for a guy that my Hubby works with. His wife had a baby boy last week! Hopefully he is there today so Hubby can get them to him. I hope they fit!
My devotions this morning was on Matthew 4:17. It is about Jesus calling all to repentance because the kingdom of heaven is near. I am starting (or restarting) this devotional series called the Commands of Christ and Repentance is the first comman listed. It amazes me how God gives all people the same chance to turn and repent and how so many are blinded by this world. The problem for a lot of individuals is that they have to much pride to repent. Repentance takes an act of humility. One needs to realize that they are nothing within themselves. It is only in Christ that we have life abundant. Humility helps one to realize that they can not do things on their own. I pray that humility will continue to be prevelant in my life so that God's grace may abound. May all have a God filled day full of blessings (and trials.) Trials never do anything but strengthen us more!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Seasons Change

As summer turns in to fall...we have to prepare for the winter. Today my family and I worked outside the entire day. After breakfast I went straight for the garden to get the broom corn stalks, sunflower stalks, and corn stalks down. I did the broom corn and the sunflower stalks, but Hubby got most of the corn stalks for me. It was quit a workout and I had to take a lot of rests. I also mowed the lawn today while hubby went around with the trimmer. I started pulling a few things up from the garden, but will tackle that more when I get the last of the tomatoes on Tuesday. Of course I also made lunch and supper.
Oh..most of you will never believe this! I went to Sam's on Friday to pick up bacon for a group of us getting together to can Bacon Bean Soup. Guess how much I bought for 3 of us. 40 pounds!!! The lady at the checkout couldn't believe it. So..Monday is Laundry, Tuesday is going to grocery to get the veggies for the soup and cleaning and then on Wednesday we are making soup all day! I can't wait. I love that stuff. Well I should probably get to my family. Hubby built a fire for us and we are going to have S'mores! (with peanut butter of is the best that way!)
God's Blessings to All!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Cooler Weather

Well..I do love Autumn. It is my favorite time of year, but the cooler weather didn't have to come at me so quickly! It probably seems that way since we had two days of rain this week. I have had to dig out a couple of sweaters as I get cold easily. I am not looking forward to turning on our propane furnace though. It costs over $600 to get the thing filled!!! That is a lot of money in one chunk. I pray that one day we can heat with wood, but that time is not in the near future. So...I will be looking at ways to "tighten" our budget so we can handle the fills that we will need for the winter. We did a summer fill and will have to fill it probably 2 more times this winter. I pray that is all we will need. It will be very tempting once the baby is here to turn up the heat, but I will just have to make sure the little one is swaddled well!
I just get more and more excited every week thinking about another new one in the home. Something about babies, warm sweaters, the smell of things baking, cinnamon and cloves, and changing leaves that make me smile. Our God is so good to use. We never know what tomorrow brings, but whatever it is...He will not leave us. He is always there with us. As I write this I am reminded about Gabriel Godfrey that was born into the Lord's arms this week. As I read the birth story I cried, but I realized that the Lord is with them through all of this. God knows what that family can handle. I don't understand why, but Gabriel was not meant to live a life on this Earth just as there are other children that are stillborn or die soon after. I remember after DS was born that I had a day where I just cried and cried. I was so scared of loosing him to SIDS or something else. I finally gave all of my worries over to the Lord and it is amazing how much better my time was with my son because I wasn't worry about things I could not control.

Well...enough rambling for today I best see to my son as I don't hear him and that usually is not a good sign. ;) May all have a God filled day!

Update on the Godfrey Family

I just wanted to post an update on the Godfery family. Their website again is

Here is another update. Susan has a webpage for Gabriel at I have to admit that I cried when I read the birth story.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I just want to do my Laundry!!!

All I want to do is to be able to do my laundry!! The rain has another idea. I am very grateful for rain, but couldn't it rain on Wednesday and Thursday instead of my laundry day which is Monday and Tuesday. Monday is my usual laundry day, but since I needed to see the midwife and take care of some other errands it was going to be today. Needless to say I was so dissapointed when I awoke to the sound of rain. I am trying to cut back on all of our expenses and I really don't want to use the clothes dryer. My two drying racks are quit large, but it just seems like things take so long to dry. But as a "old southern Proverb says", Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do, or do without. So I guess I am going to make do. The good Lord above has provided me with them and I shall use them.
I was so excited to mail out my tea cosy for the swap at the 'ville, but when I went to address the package...I found I only had my partners house number and street. She forgot to send me her town, state, and zip code as well. I guess I will just send it out tomorrow. I hope she likes it! I have been working late the past couple of nights on a crocheted dress for Elisabeth. THis is a dress that should have been done a month and a half ago, but I procrastinated. I need to get it done because I need to start on my son's blanket. Which I wanted done by the end of this month. It won't happen. ;) Oh well.
Even though I wasn't able to do laundry like I would have liked today the children and I where very excited to take DH lunch today. He was only working about 30 minutes away. WHich is really close for him! We all enjoyed the short amount of time together. Speaking of DH I should probably get to making supper. We are having, spaghetti w/homemade sauce, homemade wheat dinner rolls with homemade butter, salad and maybe some cream cheese truffles if I have time to get them done! May all have a God-filled day!

*The picture used today is one of my favorites by Thomas Kinkade*

Monday, September 11, 2006

Apples, Babies, and Insulation!

Well...Today was a very interesting day...For sure. I was supposed to see my midwife today, but there was a twist thrown in. She called this morning and said she was at a birth in Martinsburg (where we used to live about 30-45 minutes away) and that I could come down there for the visit. I guess the woman's labor wasn't progressing and she didn't mind if I "invaded" there home to have my check-up. All is well. Everything checked out just fine. I love getting to hear the babies heartbeat! It is so exciting to think that I am almost half way through my pregnancy! I still can't believe that I am going to be the Mama to 3 little ones! God has truly blessed our family in so many ways!
As for the apples we stopped by an orchard to purchase some. They tasted soooooo good. My favorite ones will be ready in October, but I wanted some fruit to munch on and I need to be eating better anyway. As for the insulation....well... My hubby hangs insulation for a living right now. He had a mandatory work day on Saturday and he somehow got the insulation in his eye (insulation is made of fiberglass!) His eye hurt terribly and he could not close his eye without it being in pain. Needless to say that Saturday and Sunday night were loooong nights! Well..he was able to go to the doctor today and they cleaned out his eye. DH said that the cleaning hurt worse than the insulation in his eye! But after about 45 minutes his eye was much better and he says it doesn't hurt at all now. Praise the Lord! I just need to make sure he keeps putting the antibiotic drops in his eye so it doesn't get infected!

Oh I praise the Lord for my wonderful report from my Midwife my heart aches for Susan Godfrey. Please remember her and her family in your prayers. She is praying that she does not have to have a C-section because she wants to be "aware" of all that is going on since they will not have a lot of time with the precious little one. Here is the address to her blog once again. May you all count your blessings and have a God-filled day.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Keeper at Home Duties

Today has been about the same as all the rest..except I am making a more conscience effort to train my children and correct them as soon as they do something unacceptable. I used to be very good at this and then...I got lazy. It seems when we moved here in January...with all the circumstances we had (grandpa dieing, landlord dieing, moving...etc) things fell apart so to speak. I let myself get caught up in so many things that I wasn't taking time for the Lord or my family. I get compliments when we "visit" other churches or go to the store that my children are "so well behaved." I think they are behaving terribly and everyone else thought they were perfect angels! I think I listened to others too much also and that may be one reason I started to slip. I thought...well DS just did a tiny thing wrong...I will just warn him. Well, we all know where it goes from there! Soon...there are a lot of warnings and no consequences. Things have been different around here just the past two days of trying to do a better job on training them. I don't want my children to fail because I failed them. I want my children to "Run" past what I have accomplished.
Yes...I did finally get to my canning. They diced tomatoes are actually in the canner right now and I am just waiting for them to boil. I was hoping to get to see my midwife today, but she had a birth this morning, a meeting, and had to check up on someone who is 2 weeks late. I am scheduled to see her on Monday morning. I hope it all works out. It has been 6 weeks since I saw her last due to schedule conflicts. (She had a wedding to go to and I had that trip to SC). I just pray that all is going well. I am not sure if I have felt the baby move yet or not. I know, I know..this is my third pregnancy and I don't know? I don't know if it is my stomach or the baby moving. I think it might be the baby but it is not frequent. So...I am off the check my canners. Please... Everyone check out my post below about the Godfrey family. They need our prayers as they prepare to bring a little one into the world and then lose that precious life. May all have a God filled evening.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Girls Night Out and My Speech

Last night was such a blessing. A dear sister from church invited myself and another sister out to Friendly's for the evening while our husbands watched the children. It was actually her hubby's idea! Anyway we had a wonderful time eating and fellowshiping with one another. We don't get to do that often enough and her hubby suggested we do it every couple of weeks or so. I said, "I won't turn down that offer!" I love my family, but it is nice to have time with other women to talk and not have to worry about children, dinner, etc.
Yesterday I realized that I need to guard my speech better than I have been doing the past month. I catch myself raising my voice to the children. God spoke to my heart and helped me to realize what I was doing. Whatever I say to my children my children repeat. Someone told me about a craft their son made that said "Speak kind words...hear kind echoes." That is so try. If I speak kind words and show the love of Christ to my children they will do the same. If I speak harshly to them then I will hear the same coming from them. This will be my challenge for a while as I try training myself as well as my children. My daughter is sitting on my lap and just gave me five kisses on the cheek. What a wonderful reminder on how precious little ones are!
Another challenge for the next couple of weeks will be to get Elisabeth's dress done and to get my Home Management Binder done. It seems the more organized I am the more time I am able to spend with the Lord in the morning and my day goes a lot better! So hopefully you will be able to read a post soon that says I have my binder at least part way finished! For now...I need to get to my household duties. Have a God Filled Day!

A unborn baby that will not live

There is a wonderful woman named Susan Godfrey. Her baby is "due" next week, but she and the family already knows that it will not survive but a few hours. The baby has been diagnosed with Potter's Syndrome. You can read her blog at She also has a link to another woman's website. This lady has started a prayer chain for the family. Please go and take a look at it at

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Back to a "Routine" least I will try to get back into a routine. As I mentioned yesterday we made it down and back without any problems what so ever. Which was a blessing. We hoped the van would do fine and it did. It took around 13 hours to get down to my parents home and about 13 1/2 back. On the way back we stopped for dinner at a Cracker Barrel in Charleston, WV because we were exhausted and needed a break. Hopefully after I get pictures from Mom and Dad I will be able to post a few. As for now..I need to get back to taking care of my home.
Laundry is first and then I need to get back to cleaning and straightening up the home before a family comes over for bible study this evening. I pray all have a God Filled day!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I'm Back!

We just got back from our trip last night around 10:45pm. I will post more later!