Thursday, September 07, 2006

Girls Night Out and My Speech

Last night was such a blessing. A dear sister from church invited myself and another sister out to Friendly's for the evening while our husbands watched the children. It was actually her hubby's idea! Anyway we had a wonderful time eating and fellowshiping with one another. We don't get to do that often enough and her hubby suggested we do it every couple of weeks or so. I said, "I won't turn down that offer!" I love my family, but it is nice to have time with other women to talk and not have to worry about children, dinner, etc.
Yesterday I realized that I need to guard my speech better than I have been doing the past month. I catch myself raising my voice to the children. God spoke to my heart and helped me to realize what I was doing. Whatever I say to my children my children repeat. Someone told me about a craft their son made that said "Speak kind words...hear kind echoes." That is so try. If I speak kind words and show the love of Christ to my children they will do the same. If I speak harshly to them then I will hear the same coming from them. This will be my challenge for a while as I try training myself as well as my children. My daughter is sitting on my lap and just gave me five kisses on the cheek. What a wonderful reminder on how precious little ones are!
Another challenge for the next couple of weeks will be to get Elisabeth's dress done and to get my Home Management Binder done. It seems the more organized I am the more time I am able to spend with the Lord in the morning and my day goes a lot better! So hopefully you will be able to read a post soon that says I have my binder at least part way finished! For now...I need to get to my household duties. Have a God Filled Day!

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