Monday, September 18, 2006

The Great Mouse Chase & Repentance

My day started off very interesting. I got up this morning with Hubby...I know..It's a shock to me too! Anyway, I made his lunch while he made his breakfast. After I made myself some to and was going to sit down to do my devotions I figured I better check the mouse trap. When I went to find wasn't was gone! Well...this is the sort of trap that this never happens with and we couldn't find it anywhere near the spot we laid it. After searching for a few minutes I finally saw it sticking out from underneath my piano! It had caught the mouse by the foot, which I haven't figured out yet! Anyway..hubby went to grab the trap and was shocked to still find the thing alive and well. So needless to say I had him take care of it before he went to work! I am so glad I checked the trap!
I am also going to try my best to get my swap tea cosy sent out to my partner today since I finally got her address. I thought I had it but then realized it was only her street address and no city, state, or zip! I also finished up to newborn hats for a guy that my Hubby works with. His wife had a baby boy last week! Hopefully he is there today so Hubby can get them to him. I hope they fit!
My devotions this morning was on Matthew 4:17. It is about Jesus calling all to repentance because the kingdom of heaven is near. I am starting (or restarting) this devotional series called the Commands of Christ and Repentance is the first comman listed. It amazes me how God gives all people the same chance to turn and repent and how so many are blinded by this world. The problem for a lot of individuals is that they have to much pride to repent. Repentance takes an act of humility. One needs to realize that they are nothing within themselves. It is only in Christ that we have life abundant. Humility helps one to realize that they can not do things on their own. I pray that humility will continue to be prevelant in my life so that God's grace may abound. May all have a God filled day full of blessings (and trials.) Trials never do anything but strengthen us more!


Marci said...

Melanie, I had a mouse get caught the same way. I was the only one home though. =( I very gingerly picked up the corner of the trap and kept it hanging down, so the mouse would not wiggle up and touch me. It was so hard to undo the bar and not touch the mouse who was swinging all around. It was about the 4th mouse I had caught that day. I had given them all to the cats. Well, I took this one out, called the cats, showed them the mouse and then released it. They all sat there and watched it run away. I never did like cats.....

What are you doing with your broom corn?

Lady_MSnow said...

I was going to sell it at a craft show next weekend. But it got wet before I got it in the house and now it doesn't look so good. i am going to try and salvage it. It mainly gets used as decoration. It is a beautiful burgundy color.