Saturday, September 16, 2006

Seasons Change

As summer turns in to fall...we have to prepare for the winter. Today my family and I worked outside the entire day. After breakfast I went straight for the garden to get the broom corn stalks, sunflower stalks, and corn stalks down. I did the broom corn and the sunflower stalks, but Hubby got most of the corn stalks for me. It was quit a workout and I had to take a lot of rests. I also mowed the lawn today while hubby went around with the trimmer. I started pulling a few things up from the garden, but will tackle that more when I get the last of the tomatoes on Tuesday. Of course I also made lunch and supper.
Oh..most of you will never believe this! I went to Sam's on Friday to pick up bacon for a group of us getting together to can Bacon Bean Soup. Guess how much I bought for 3 of us. 40 pounds!!! The lady at the checkout couldn't believe it. So..Monday is Laundry, Tuesday is going to grocery to get the veggies for the soup and cleaning and then on Wednesday we are making soup all day! I can't wait. I love that stuff. Well I should probably get to my family. Hubby built a fire for us and we are going to have S'mores! (with peanut butter of is the best that way!)
God's Blessings to All!

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