Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Don't Need to Cook Anymore!

Well, a Mama can dream right? Although four new restaurants did just open up in our home. Big T's Treats, Sweet E's Bistro, Little E's Eats, and Special K's Cafe. The children were so adorable. They made up their own menus and everything. :-)
We obviously need to work on counting money and how to write prices. ;-)
 But it was nice that bacon and eggs were free and so were the drinks.

She enjoyed coming up with her own menu.
Beloved had a hard time deciding on what to order.
 It's so much fun to watch them come up with stuff like this. They were sad when we told them it was bedtime because they weren't done playing. They are always asking for paper to make up new menus. :-)

And a quick update on the family. We are still fighting sickness. On Friday Little E threw up in the van and last night (about 8 times) Sweet E was throwing up. We are just waiting to see if Big T or Special K comes down with anything. I pray it stops with those two. We have been sick (had sickness in the house) for over a month. I am ready  for it to be done with.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Are you Anxious?

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God - Philippians 4:6

 Why? Is it all part of becoming an adult? Of being a homeowner is more like it. I never seemed to have this problem until last year. Something will happen (that I can't control) and my stomach starts to turn and my heart races. Just like last night. Nothing big. We just have a drippy faucet in the shower. About a year ago my husband tightened a screw or something and fixed it, but it was late last night so he just shut off the hot water to the shower. Well, it got me to thinking of a leaking pipe (that goes to the outside) we have and all the pipes that we should replace soon. (No others are leaking, but it would be a good know?) All I can see is money dripping out of the faucets (A "perk" of living in town). If we had well water I probably wouldn't fret about it so. 

Like I said, it's nothing I can do. But the anxiety (I guess is what you would call it) starts up. It took me about 4 hours to fall asleep last night. It seemed like the harder I tried to fall asleep the harder it was. Why was I in such a hurry to grow up? (haha) The fact that we need new vehicles, replace some pipes, more work on the garage apartment, the fact that we never seem to have the money, etc just got the better of me. I know we are to be anxious for nothing. That I need to give it all over to God. Why is it so hard? In my head I have given it over to God, but apparently I haven't or else I wouldn't get all worked up....right?

 I guess I am sharing all of this because I need help. I need prayer. It's not worth getting all worked up (and I try not seems to be an automatic response anymore). Please pray that I would have peace and rest in our Lord. That God would show me what he wants me to do.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this. It's just rambling I guess, but I felt I needed to share it. So....thanks for taking time out of your day to read about a struggle I am going through. Blessings to you and yours.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Party Time!

One more post for today. By Brother and Sister-in-Love use to have a party every New Year's Eve. Since they moved to the family farm that tradition fell to the way side. But this year, at the spur of the moment, we were blessed to spend time with them, their family, and my Father and Mother-in-Love. (Minus one niece...she already had plans.) Everyone had a lot of fun and we ended our night well before midnight. Were getting old you know. Haha :-)

Special K couldn't quite figure out the hat

My Father and Mother-in-Love are ready for a party. :-)

Fun times!

Happy New Year!
The children wanted to take these home.....I think not.
When we made it back to our home Little E and Special K went to bed. Beloved, Big T, Sweet E and me played Blokus until midnight. Promptly at 12:01 we headed to bed. :-)

So What...

if it's already the middle of January. Who cares if I post Christmas pictures now? I'm behind okay? Just leave me alone. ;-) I don't know what it is. I just can't get back into the habit of posting every few days. I am lucky if I download pictures two weeks after they are taken. That is how bad I have gotten. Shame on me. But, because I haven't posted pictures lately what's the difference if I just do it now. So here you go. Christmas pictures in the middle of January. 

First up is the present I made for Beloved. I had this idea just come to me when I was walking by an old globe that we had. I thought of the idea this past summer (I think). The globe isn't accurate and so I wanted to find a new use for it. I also wanted Beloved to have something in his office that he would enjoy. So...why not a rotating photo album. I printed a LOT of pictures of our family. There is a picture of each of the children when they were born, our engagement and wedding photo, and everything in between. Everyone is Beloved's office just loves it. Which makes me happy. I can't help it......I enjoying hearing what people say about my projects (as long as its positive. Haha). I went through almost a whole bottle of Mod Podge

The Beginning Stages
So many pictures to print and cut out

The finished product was well received. :-)
 Next up is the Christmas tree at my In-Love's home. They wanted to put up the tree so the children could help. They had a blast. It was great fun for them. Special K wasn't sure what was going on. 

Helping Nana

All Finished!

All the children love this Rocking Horse. Best $10 we ever spent ;-)

 Our Christmas morning was relaxing (since we opened gifts the night before). It's the prettiest table setting I have had in a while. We had a wonderful brunch with the special china (it was my grandmothers) and the children got to drink out of glasses that belonged to my Great-Grandmother. These dishes only come out on special occasions. So it was a treat for everyone :-) I know it sounds silly, but I think brunch tasted better because of the dishes. :-D

So pretty
 Of course we had to get a picture of all the grandchildren in their new jammies from Nana. 

Christmas Jammies from Nana

Enjoying her first sewing machine from Aunt Lisa
 We enjoyed our Christmas gathering with my family the Sunday after Christmas. It was wonderful to get to see my parents, sister, and brother-in-love. I was pleased that we were able to capture this picture of all four of the children. They are growing up so fast.

Big T, Little E, Sweet E, and Special K

Enjoying a nap on Grandma's lap :-)

So, there is a very quick rundown of our Christmas. I do have more pictures to post, but I don't want to put them all in one. Hope you are all having a blessed week and staying healthy. Unfortunately I know have a cold, but hopefully it won't be too bad. Blessings!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Review: Timberdoodle Products

Wow...sickness has started in our home and does not want to leave. Beloved is on antibiotics and a very strong cough syrup. Me, I just have a head cold that makes me feel like my head is going to explode! But on to a different subject. I was given the privilege to review a couple of workbooks that are offered by Timberdoodle. What? You haven't heard of Timberdoodle! Well, you are missing out for sure. Go to their site and check it out.
We have a math curriculum that we use with Big T and Sweet E already, but it was refreshing to add in something different to the schedule. I will also admit that I do not have any pictures of my children using these books. Since I have come down with a cold my want/need-to do's have not happened. This book has been such a hit with both of the children. The pages are in large print, lots of colors, and easy to understand directions. I should also say that I love that there is a page on letting parents/homeschoolers know how to use this book. 

Once again this has been a great addition to our math curriculum. This book is to help with higher order thinking. Each lesson is in large print with easy to understand instructions. I had just as much fun going through this workbook as Big T did. Sometimes Big T seems to get stuck on certain math lessons. Like, he just can't get it (for some reason). So for us this book has allowed us to take a step back from our current lesson and move on to something else. He is still learning and developing his thinking skills (which is great!) This book isn't a math replacement, but we use this in place of math on some days for Big T. The first book I reviewed is a math book. 

Timberdoodle has many books from The Critical Thinking Company. When I order our homeschool curriculum for next year I will be sure to get a book for each one of my children (except Special K).Timberdoodle also has a wide range of thinking skill and educational games. (Many of them are on my wishlist!) I highly suggest, whether you are homeschoolers or not, to sign up for their free catalog. If you are trying to decide on a curriculum Timberdoodle also has complete curriculum packages. Oh...and one more thing. They have vodcasts about many of their products.

Disclaimer- As a member of Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team I received a free copy of these books in exchange for a frank and unbiased review.

Friday, January 07, 2011

BookSneeze: Voices of the Faithful 2

Okay, okay....I know...another review. :-) But I am behind on getting these posted. I received this book from BookSneeze in exchange for my review.

From BookSneeze-

A new year's worth of inspiring stories from the front lines of faith.

"A willingness to go is all they have in common," says Beth Moore and Kim P. Davis, speaking of their friends on the front lines who are spreading the gospel around the world and with whom they collaborated to create this book. This second book of 366 daily devotionals features stories of God's faithfulness, written by hundreds of missionaries worldwide.

From stirring miracles to heroic adventures, this second volume highlights those who daily go to the outer limits of spiritual devotion.

A follow-up to the first book which has now sold 300,000 copies.

Granted I am only seven days into this book, but I have found it enjoyable to read daily. It has provided me with encouragement to help me get my day started. I haven't had a chance to read the first book, but I imagine it's the same format with many more stories. It's a good addition to any Bible reading you are doing. You get a glimpse into the lives of other Christians and what they have experienced. Sometimes we need that....sometimes we need to be shaken out of our everyday routines and schedules. If you are looking for an addition to your devotional time...this may just be the book for you.

Disclaimer- I received this book for free from BookSneeze in exchange for my honest review.

Book Review: God Gave Us So Much

Yes, I have once again given a privilege of reviewing a book. This time it's I received a book for my children. 

 God Gave Us So Much is a collection of three stories written by Lisa Tawn Bergren and illustrated by Laura J. Bryant. When the book arrived I barely had a chance to look at the cover before my children rushed in and took it away to read it. My readers and non readers really enjoy this book. It's wonderful as a read aloud to the whole family. 

From the website-
Through the eyes of a curious little polar bear, young readers are invited into engaging journeys through the Arctic North Pole to explore some of their most tender-hearted and important questions.

Mama, Papa, and Grampa Bear, the ever-loving and wise guides for Little Cub’s adventures, share with her the incredible miracles of God’s creation and the depths of His love for her. 

This limited edition treasury of the best-selling God Gave Us series includes three complete charming tales—one of which is brand new to the series. With heart and humor, the stories reveal the beauty of diversity throughout the world, the incredible gift of love, and the wonderment of our Heavenly home to come

The book retails for $19.99 and I would recommend it to parents, grandparents, nursery schools, etc. I do give a word of caution though. In one story the little bear has a conversation in which he says "Shoot." To me that is not needed in a book for young children. So I wanted to let you all know that. It is a very sweet book that I enjoy having in our family library. 

Disclaimer-I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. Blogging for Books