Thursday, January 13, 2011

Party Time!

One more post for today. By Brother and Sister-in-Love use to have a party every New Year's Eve. Since they moved to the family farm that tradition fell to the way side. But this year, at the spur of the moment, we were blessed to spend time with them, their family, and my Father and Mother-in-Love. (Minus one niece...she already had plans.) Everyone had a lot of fun and we ended our night well before midnight. Were getting old you know. Haha :-)

Special K couldn't quite figure out the hat

My Father and Mother-in-Love are ready for a party. :-)

Fun times!

Happy New Year!
The children wanted to take these home.....I think not.
When we made it back to our home Little E and Special K went to bed. Beloved, Big T, Sweet E and me played Blokus until midnight. Promptly at 12:01 we headed to bed. :-)


Anna said...

Everyone looks like they had a lot of fun. We actually stayed up til midnight too this year.

Marci said...

Love the pictures!!!