Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Don't Need to Cook Anymore!

Well, a Mama can dream right? Although four new restaurants did just open up in our home. Big T's Treats, Sweet E's Bistro, Little E's Eats, and Special K's Cafe. The children were so adorable. They made up their own menus and everything. :-)
We obviously need to work on counting money and how to write prices. ;-)
 But it was nice that bacon and eggs were free and so were the drinks.

She enjoyed coming up with her own menu.
Beloved had a hard time deciding on what to order.
 It's so much fun to watch them come up with stuff like this. They were sad when we told them it was bedtime because they weren't done playing. They are always asking for paper to make up new menus. :-)

And a quick update on the family. We are still fighting sickness. On Friday Little E threw up in the van and last night (about 8 times) Sweet E was throwing up. We are just waiting to see if Big T or Special K comes down with anything. I pray it stops with those two. We have been sick (had sickness in the house) for over a month. I am ready  for it to be done with.

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