Thursday, September 28, 2006

Do you mean what you say?

This morning as I was reading in Matthew 5:37, I believe, it spoke of your yea, being yea, and your nay, nay. It says that anything more comes from evil. you mean what you say? Are you a person that makes promises to your spouse or children and doesn't fulfill them? I know I catch myself saying, "I promise I will read to you shortly." When shortly never comes. :( I am trying to watch how i word things to my children so promises and the like are not turned merely into words that are just said at a whim.

I also wanted to comment on my Hubby's new position. I don't know exactly what the position is...and he doesn't fully know yet either, but he enjoyed himself yesterday. It looks as though he is the "go-to" and they will be looking to him to streamline things. Yesterday he fixed a computer problem, went to Mansfield to pick up computer parts, and traveled to Lexington to do some measuring for a job the closet organization people will be doing. So I hope he enjoys himself today just as much as he did yesterday! Praise the Lord. May the Lord bless you as he has so richly blessed us! (The picture above was taken last fall)


Marci said...

That is a good picture of both your guys!!!!

Lady_MSnow said...

Yeah I thought so too! I hope to get more this fall. The leaves are starting to change! I love it!