Friday, September 08, 2006

Keeper at Home Duties

Today has been about the same as all the rest..except I am making a more conscience effort to train my children and correct them as soon as they do something unacceptable. I used to be very good at this and then...I got lazy. It seems when we moved here in January...with all the circumstances we had (grandpa dieing, landlord dieing, moving...etc) things fell apart so to speak. I let myself get caught up in so many things that I wasn't taking time for the Lord or my family. I get compliments when we "visit" other churches or go to the store that my children are "so well behaved." I think they are behaving terribly and everyone else thought they were perfect angels! I think I listened to others too much also and that may be one reason I started to slip. I thought...well DS just did a tiny thing wrong...I will just warn him. Well, we all know where it goes from there! Soon...there are a lot of warnings and no consequences. Things have been different around here just the past two days of trying to do a better job on training them. I don't want my children to fail because I failed them. I want my children to "Run" past what I have accomplished.
Yes...I did finally get to my canning. They diced tomatoes are actually in the canner right now and I am just waiting for them to boil. I was hoping to get to see my midwife today, but she had a birth this morning, a meeting, and had to check up on someone who is 2 weeks late. I am scheduled to see her on Monday morning. I hope it all works out. It has been 6 weeks since I saw her last due to schedule conflicts. (She had a wedding to go to and I had that trip to SC). I just pray that all is going well. I am not sure if I have felt the baby move yet or not. I know, I know..this is my third pregnancy and I don't know? I don't know if it is my stomach or the baby moving. I think it might be the baby but it is not frequent. So...I am off the check my canners. Please... Everyone check out my post below about the Godfrey family. They need our prayers as they prepare to bring a little one into the world and then lose that precious life. May all have a God filled evening.


Marci said...

Melanie, I have heard people on their 8th or 9th pregnancy say the same thing. Are you using Frieda or Becky or someone else?

Lady_MSnow said...

I am seeing Frieda tomorrow actually!