Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I isn't technically summer, but I consider June the summer season. A lot is going on but I just wanted to take a minute to share a couple of pictures. First up is a picture of my garden. I am pretty happy with it. We have 9 raised beds now and next year I hope to have more. :-)

Here is a link to my post about the first garden at had at this house. Only 2 raised has come a long way. :-)

Next up is just a photo of me at 21 weeks. It's amazing how fast time goes by. Soon Big T will be 6, the garden will need harvesting, and then the baby will be here.

So...that's all...just a couple of pictures. :-) Hope you are all having a blessed week.


Marci said...

Your garden is BEAUTIFUL!!!! So are you!! It was good to see Brian last night. He looks great!!

Ginny said...

Good job! Keep up with that weeding, darling!


Mrs. Bee said...

you are so beautiful and so is your garden!

Robynn's Ravings said...

What is NOT to love here?! Growing babies, growing gardens, Allison Krause singing to me (and is that Leann Rimes singing behind her?), homeschooling mama. :)

Just a pop-in and hello from another old veteran homeschooling mama. Just graduated my oldest, our daughter, after going the whole way through with her. She is lovely and stands STRONG for her faith. I have several posts about our journey but the latest was about five posts ago if you are interested.

Anyway, blessings to you in your journey! What a bright spot you were this morning!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Thanks for dropping in and for following! It'll be fun to keep track of each other! :)