Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Beautiful Sight!

It's a wonderful blessing when Beloved volunteers to scrub our floors. Not only did he scrub the floors but he had help as well. :-)Sweet E started out helping by drying the floor after Papa did the scrubbin'. ;-)

But Little E decided He wanted to help as well. It was so cute! You can see Big T's hand helping out as well at the top of the pic.

While they did that I was taking inventory for our monthly shopping trip this Friday. It sure is a good things payday is Friday. I think we really need to go shopping! :-) We have some leftover stew from last night, peanut butter, apple butter, sour cream, a bag of cheese, and eggs. Oh...but we do have some delicious coffee. :-) That tub of whipped cream isn't whipped cream. It's what I keep my yeast in. Don't's all I had at the time. :D

**I should add that I do have a sponge mop, but I dislike it....a lot! It can't get as good of a cleaning as hand scrubbing does. :-)**


Ginger said...

I love your pics! I wll be back to blogging again soon!

Marci said...

Looks like you are ready to re-stock!!! What a blessing that your sweetheart and your little ones scrubbed the floor! Way to go Brian!!!