Friday, December 12, 2008

Busy, Busy Week

Wow, a lot has happened in one week. On Monday I renewed my driver's license, went to a tea, had an appointment with the eye doctor; Tuesday- school, laundry, and we were taken out to dinner by a couple in our church while their daughter watched the children; Wednesday- school, Brittany came over for a visit and we built a castle, and prayer meeting that night for people in our church going to Haiti; Thursday- school, Hannah and Bella came for a visit; Friday (today)- school (2 lessons) and friends coming for dinner tonight. Whoa........a long, but very productive week. So I just have a couple of pictures to share while I had a minute before catching up on dishes.

Here is a picture of the castle Brittany helped to build.

Elijah just relaxin' again. :-)

And look who is walkin'! It's Bella!

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Ginger said...

Glad to see a post by you:) By the way, I love your pick of music. I especially love the first song. I am trying to find it in Walmart. Do you know the name of the CD it is from?