Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Great Week much has happened, it seems, since Friday. After I came down and saw the 100 balloons... the day was pretty normal. That evening we went to my in-laws where my MIL made me a birthday dinner of spaghetti, garlic bread, salad, and chocolate cake with penuche icing. (not sure if I spelled that right). They also gave me some money to put towards a baby sling I had been wanting. What is amazing is I ordered the sling on Saturday and got it on Monday! I still can't believe it. Can't wait to use it with the baby! =)

On Saturday we went to a friend's home to drop off fabric and I find out that along with a girl from church they made me a jumper and blouse for my birthday! I love it. I was actually able to "squeeze" into on Sunday. If I grow any more I won't, but at least I have a beautiful new jumper. I was dropping off fabric because this afternoon I am going to her home and there are going to be about 5 of us sewing dresses for my daughter and myself. DD will probably have almost 5 dresses by the time we leave. Hopefully DS will have a vest and I hope to have at least one dress to take home to. There was a lot of sewing that I needed to do, but I knew I wouldn't get it all done in time and I am being blessed with this. If I can get batteries for the camera I will definitely get pictures and post them. The batteries died on the camera last week....they sure don't seem to last long. :( Oh Well....

As for myself, I am trying to seek the Lord in all things. I let myself get to "busy" with the things of this life this summer/fall and I think I tuned out God's voice. I am back to having more regular bible study, but go figure this morning my little girl woke up early. I have come to realize though, that as a mother, I am not going to be able to have the devotional times I once had. But as I go about my day I try to "drink up" as much of his word as I can. I like to post bible verses around the home..I hope to post about these one day too when the camera is functional. ;) I know there are many areas I fall short in, but I am learning not to dwell on them. I know that is what Satan would have me do. If I were to focus on what I can't and not on the things I can do or have improved on....he has one because my outlook is bleak. Negative thoughts do nothing for my spiritual life. Christ already fought that battle for me. I just need to remember to always look towards Christ and he will see me through. He has already helped me to come a long way in my spiritual walk with him, but he isn't finished with me yet. He is working on me so I can have a heart like his.

I know this is a strange place to just leave off, but I need to get back to my children. May the Lord bless you and keep you through this day and week. =)

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