Friday, December 08, 2006

Date Night

Well Hubby and I made last night a "date night". Before he got home we went to the grocery store and purchased appetizers, other food, and ice cream for dessert. Well...I fed the children and then we got them in bed a little earlier than usual...but not by much. Anyway, I was fixing the food...we sat down and had our appetizers, which were very good, and waited on the "main" meal to be done. We started eating and Hubby looks up and sees DD standing in the doorway. She should have gotten in trouble, but she was just too cute standing there. So...she sat on Papa's lap and had some of our food. So, another woman ended up "stealing" my man...for about 3 minutes. Then it was back to bed for her. Once she was in bed we watched the movie "Luther." Very good movie about Martin Luther, if you haven't seen it...I would recommend it. We also like the old black and white about Martin Luther. We always say that they should take parts from both movies and it would be outstanding. Anyway...I just had to share about our date and the "woman" that walked in on us. Have a blessed day!

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