Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A little of this....A little of that

Well....still trying to get things in order around here. Yesterday I spent a good portion of the day hanging pictures and stuff. I try to be as "careful" as I can since they are plaster walls. :p Oh well...This plaster seems to hold up better than the old farm house we just moved from. Those walls seemed to crumble all around if there was a tiny hole put in the wall. Then last night we went to Lowe's (I LOVE Lowe's!) and purchased an electric heater to help cut down on using the gas furnace so much. The upstairs of the house stays really warm (it was insulated in just the last few years), but the downstairs is a lot colder. (opposite of the other house). Last year the couple you owns this home spent $380 for December!!!! I definitely don't want to spend that on gas. So...we are taking shorter showers (DH even times himself sometimes...he's so silly) I only wash clothing in cold water (except for towels, underwear...that sort of thing) and the electric heater will keep the furnace from kicking on so much. A friend was telling us a couple nights ago that his renter runs those baseboard type heaters (like what we bought) and his monthly electric bill is only $80. I couldn't believe it. I don't know what ours will be like, but at least it will be reasonable. Oh yeah....we also bought more of the compact fluorescent lights. I was inspired to replace all of our light bulbs after reading this article. We don't have energy star appliances (but I hope to some day), but at least our refrigerator is it won't use as much. We are just trying to keep our costs down as much as we can. I love this site always inspires me. This spring I will hopefully be doing some raised bed gardening. Will just have to wait and see though.

Mom called me yesterday and said that they are planning on coming up for a visit Saturday. The children will be very excited to see Grandma and Grandpa....just hope nothing gets said about us not "decorating" for Christmas. Oh well....won't be anything new. So today my goal is to try and get the computer/sewing room in order so I can do some much needed sewing and we can use the treadmill. Right now...there is too much stuff on the floor to use it. My sewing list is getting long. I need to make DS pj pants; DD a nightgown, and at least 3 dresses and I need to make a couple of dresses for myself too. Oh yeah....I also need to make a slip cover for our couch and one of my favorite chairs. So...I better get to work because I need to finish the laundry up too! May you all have a blessed day!


Marci said...

Sounds like you are getting stuff done. Just take it easy. It is not a race!!

Lady_MSnow said...

I know, but I am trying to pace things out or else they won't get done till summer! ;)

Wendy said...

Hi, I linked to your journal from Crochetville. I'm just wondering, why do you still wash some of your laundry in hot water? It doesn't get any cleaner! Thanks for the Path to Freedom link... I'm going to take time to explore that site thoroughly, looks like it's right up my alley. Have you read the Tightwad Gazette books? Your journal is really interesting to me, because in some ways our lives are very similar, but in other ways, we couldn't be more different.