Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Son's Love for Horses

I don't have a lot of time to post, but I had to tell about my son. As most of you have realized...my son loves horses. Yesterday and today he was telling the "baby horse"...."Come here baby...I won't hurt you." I was absolutely amazed to watch the 2 1/2 month old animal come to my son and let him pet her. It was so cute! It is almost scary to see the larger horses come over. I know they wouldn't hurt my son on purpose, but they are just so much bigger than him. Here are a couple pics I caught of them. The first is of DS's new friend. I don't know if the neighbors have named her yet. The second is of DS feeding the horses. He wants to make sure they are taken care of.

I also wanted to show a picture of how our trees in the front/side of the house have turned. The person renting the farmland started combining the beans today. That provided a lot of entertainment for my children (at least for a while). They can never seem to sit still. ;)

I am off to see the midwife tomorrow. I pray all have a wonderful God Filled Day!


Marci said...

Melanie, those are great pictures. Your trees are gorgeous!!!

Lady_MSnow said...

Most of the leaves are off of the first tree you see in the picture. THe rain and wind knocked 85% of them down. Oh well...It was beautiful while it lasted! Sorry I didn't stay to see you this morning, but it didn't look like you were around. We will have to come visit another time.