Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I went to see my midwife today. I am 23 weeks along and everything looks good. I am surprised I really haven't gained any more weight than what I have. I lost some weight, but never really gained anything back yet. But my midwife didn't seem concerned. I hope to have gained a little weight by my next visit though. The baby is growing as I am starting to "pop" out more the past 2 weeks.
Aren't babies amazing? Here are a couple picks of DS and DD when they were born.

Ds is on the left and DD is on the right. Do you think they look alike? ;) They both take after their father. Maybe this one will actually look like me! Who knows..they are beautiful none the less.
After I went to see the midwife my friend, my children, and I went to Zinck's fabric store. Their $5 bolt sale was deceiving (not the big bolts like we thought) but we still got good deals. I will try and post pics later of what I bought. I purchased fabric to back DS's blanket, fabric for slips/bloomers, fabric for napkins, fabric for aprons, and fabric to make DD and I a dress. Before I can get to all that sewing I have a lot to do. So May you all have a wonderful God Filled Evening!


Marci said...

What precious pictures Melanie. I am glad you got to go with our friend who does not like her name on the internet. =)

Lady_MSnow said...

Me Too!