Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Love your Enemies

Can you guess what my devotion was on today? Yes...it was on Matthew 5:44. It can be so hard to put that into practice sometimes. But the Lord has given me a lot of practice over the past 4 years....mainly with my own family. It is really hard to love someone who mocks you and persecutes you isn't it? It goes against our "human nature." My devotion said it best today. To fulfill this command you need to have creativity. It said "creativity is cultivating wise thoughts, prudent words, and skillful actions to carry out God's will." I think that puts it very well. You have to be creative when you are persecuted so you can turn things around. My challenge to all today is to love your enemy. Make sure you bless them...that always throws them for a loop. ;)

Also..I started working more on the afghan for my son's birthday which was 2 months ago. ( I know...bad Mama.) That garden just took up so much time. At least I don't have to worry about weeding it..since we won't be here next year. Why waste my time. It is sad really. I was proud of this garden. Hopefully wherever we move to I will be able to have a garden. Anyway..when I get further along with the afghan I will be sure to post pictures of my progress. It is going to be so neat! I should get back to things that need to get done. Laundry is taking forever this week. It is going to take me 3 times as long because the water level sensor is busted and it only fills up 1/3- 1/2 the way on the extra large load setting. Oh well...maybe I can do some laundry at my in-laws while DH does Bible Study at the Jail. May all have a God Filled Day!

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