Monday, October 30, 2006

Binder...continued wouldn't let me post anymore pics in the last post so I had to move it to another post. next section is my Meal Planning. In this section I have blank calendars for the month. I write out what our meals are going to be for each day and this helps me for my trips to the I know what to purchase and how much to purchase. This also prevents from the never ending problem of..."What are we having tonight?" We always can change, but it is nice to not have to try and think about what to make each day.
I then have a calendar section. Here I have blank calendars (monthly) printed off for the next year. I write down appointments with the midwife, trash day, grocery trips, family gatherings, etc. This way it is all written in one space.

My last section is my coupon section. This mainly contains coupons for JoAnn's. ;) But I put ad's and other things in there that I need to keep track of for my shopping trips.

My binder is definately not done, but it is off to a good start. I have a separate binder for homeschooling but it doesn't have a whole lot in it yet since the children are still young. It is gradually having things added that I want them to do though. So...I hope you enjoyed peeking at my binder! :)


Anna said...

Wonderful Binder LadySnow. I love it. I actually have on very similar to yours. In addition to what you have, I also have a section for Finances with our budget and money envelopes in it. I have sections for Bible Studies, Goals and Dreams, and Prayer Requests. You should read the book "Disciplines of a Beautiful Woman" by Anne Ortlund. Great book that talks about this very thing.
We are very much alike...I too have to have a schedule or I won't get anything done. :)

Marci said...

Great notebook Melanie. It is good to be organized and give yourself helpers that keep you on track.