Monday, October 16, 2006

The Titus 2....Family?

When you hear Titus 2_____. Most people think of Titus 2 women. Well this weekend I got to hear abou the Titus 2 Man and Family. Our camp meeting was absolutely wonderful! We all got together on Friday night to start off. There was a meal Friday evening (which we missed because Hubby had to work, but that is okay) then we had a time of singing and then a message from Brother Paul H. (another like minded church). (He told us he was going to be speaking on the Titus 2 Man. Of Course he covered the entire book of Titus over the weekend. Not just the 2nd chapter.) Wow!!! I have to say I am very happy just having my role as a wife. The husbands have such a responsibility as leaders of the household. I realized I need to be more supportive for my hubby. He has a lot of responsibility to "carry" on his shoulders. I am so blessed to have a husband who is responsible and takes care of his family and has a felationship with the Lord. The speaker went over the qualifications for an elder in the church, which is always a good reminder. Then he also went over how to deal with false teachers and the like.

So...after the message on Friday...I stayed up until about 11:45 pm fellowshiping with other sisters. Hubby had taken the children to our room to try and get them to go to sleep (No luck) Then Saturday Morning we had a wonderful breakfast and before the service we all divided up into prayer groups. This was such a blessing to be in a small group of just women (The men did this too) and have a time to share what was on our hearts and to share prayer requests...which we had time to pray for too. Then Paul shared the morning and evening messages that day about Titus 2 Family and parts of chapter 3. During the afternoon children from ages 5-25 played "The Game". I didn't get to see it because I took a nap with DD, but I heard it was quite a doozy!! It sounded like the children had a lot of fun! After the evening message we had time to spend with one another around a camp fire and singing songs (which hubby got to do and I stayed with the children..I was tired)

Sunday morning was such a blessing too. After Paul shared the rest of his message on Titus we had a time of communion with one another. Once we had communion the women and men divided up and we had a time of feet washing. This is where we would wash one another's feet and we would bless that person and pray for them as we did it. It was very emotional for some. It was quite humbling really. I could go on and on , but I just wanted to share a little bit about our weekend. I pray that you will allow the Lord to open your heart to his word. May the Lord bless you today and all through the week!


Marci said...

Melanie, it sounds like ya'll had a wonderful and blessed time. I am glad you got to stay indoors and didn't have to camp in tents. =)

Lady_MSnow said...

Me too!