Friday, October 27, 2006

Family and Packing

Well...haven't posted much because I have been either cleaning, packing, or running errands. Last night we all grabbed a bite to eat and went to Sam's Club as I am almost out of laundry detergent. I purchase a 40 lb tub for $11+ and it lasts me for over 2 months. When it was just Hubby and I would last us for 6 months! It is still a really great deal though. Today...I went to the store to purchase khakis for Hubby. Going from hanging insulation to office work requires different clothing. Which is okay...I actually found pants he likes and that fit him well at K-Mart! Go figure. So I have bought a total of 3 pairs of pants and 1 dress shirt. They are working on getting him work shirts (white button up shirts with the NCI logo on it). The only thing I don't like about those though is that they automatically take so much money out of each paycheck for the shirts because they have a laundry service for them. When he hung was great, but for nicer shirts I think I could handle it. Oh well...we will see if they get him any or not. If not...I will be purchasing more sweaters and nicer shirts.

While I was in the store my cell phone rang...catching me completely off guard because it wasn't Hubby, but my mother. My Mom and Dad are coming up tomorrow forenoon for a visit and to have lunch together. So.....I have been working very hard...with Hubby's help (after work) on getting this house in order for company to come over. Now that is a chore. This house constantly has two tornadoes going through it and they are my children! Oh...some days things go well and they don't make huge messes and they clean up after themselves and other days....well....I need to pray a lot on those days. So anyway....Mom and dad are coming in the morning and in the afternoon we are off to a Birthday party at my Sister In law's home. It is our nephews birthday, my brother in law's birthday, and my sister in law's that order. Nephew's was on Wednesday, BIL was on Thursday, and SIL was today (I think that's hosw it goes. ;)

Oh yes, I forgot...we are going to look at a rental in the morning before Mom and Dad arrive. Further away than we would have liked but we have to give it a chance. This will be the thrid one we have looked at. It is amazing how expensive rentals are! I can't believe it. We are spoiled though. The man that owned this we knew really well. He gave us a really good deal since we have to heat with propane. Anyway..I better get off of here and get back to cleaning before I take my shower and head to bed so I can get up early to finish cleaning! Blessings to all.

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