Monday, October 09, 2006

Faithful Women

I know...I haven't posted in a while. I have been very busy. I don't usually post on Sunday anyway, but on Saturday I was at a Faithful Women Seminar in Plain City. Deeper Life Ministries is the "organization" that puts it on every year. It was wonderful. I have been able to go two years in a row now. There were 4 speakers (typical format). Barb Coblentz spoke on "Deceptions Common to Women", Elizabeth Bricker spoke on "Attitudes that Destroy/Attitudes that Build", Karen Hostetler covered "Qualities that Enable My Husband to Trust Me", and Loveda Schrock ended the day with "Priorites that Please God." They were all very insightful and wonderful to listen to.
Common Deceptions Barb covered were: 1) I am a victim of abuse, therefore I can never be whole, 2) This is who I am. I'll always abe this way, 3) My value is based on my performace, 4) I have to be liked by everyone 5) There's a limit to God's resources, and she covered a couple of others. Most of us would never say that there is a limit to God's resources, but sometimes we may think or live like there is. I know I have been guilty of that when our family was struggling with job and housing situations. There are also many women who believe that they can never is just the way they are...THis is also not true. God can change anyone if they allow him to.
Oh..I could go on and on about the conference but I won't. I think you could probably purchase the tapes from the seminar by contacting Deeper Life Ministries. It would definately be worth your time. They already have the seminar planned for next year for October 6th. So...if any lady out there would enjoy an uplifting and informational day with other women...I would suggest you go. They also serve a wonderful lunch, coffee, tea, and cappuccino. ;)
Well..since I have been gone I have a lot of catching up to do. May you all have a blessed day and may you walk with the Lord!

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