Friday, October 06, 2006

Short Post

I don't have time to post much today. Yesterday the children and I went to visit a friend (from High school) in Columbus. We had a very nice time and the children loved her Dog Cortez. I wish the pictures came out, but the dog wouldn't stay still. ;) Go figure. Anyway..after lunch we went to Garden Ridge. I used to love that store, but I hadn't been in almost 3 years. Well...we get there and pretty much all the craft (cross-stich, yarn, etc) was gone! least I don't ever have to worry about going back there again. I will just stick with Hobby Lobby, Joann's Etc, and Michael's. I have all three within 30 minutes of me! ;) So...Sabrina if you are reading this....THANK YOU for allowing my children and I to come to your "home" for the day. I am reminded why I don't like big cities though everytime I catch rush hour traffic. It wasn't terrible, but it was starting to get that way when I left.

Also...I finished something else for Anna. No....I can not tell you...You will just have to wait until she puts the pattern up for sale. I love this lady. I will say that it is very cute! Okay...something else. I do need to get to cleaning the house (which is very cold today) Go figure...they didn't know about r-19 insulation back in 1850. Oh well....I also need to get back to work on Titus' blanket. If I can get some more rows done today I will try and post pictures of my progress. Right now I have about 7-10 rows done and you can't see a whole lot yet. If I get this Tunisian thing down..I want PC stitch pro so I can make a lot of graphs and start doing more afghans with graphs. Okay...enough jabbering and on to work! Have a God-Filled Day!

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