Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sweater Set

I saw that Anna posted the Winter Cables guess what? I am finally going to post mine!

The first pictures are of the hat, sweater, and pants that I made for baby. In case you didn't see the "ticker" at the top of the blog...#3 is due February 7th.

The next picture is of DD wearing the sweater and hat I made from the same design, but added snowflakes.


Marci said...

Wow, I would not have recognized her. That is a darling picture. Great job Melanie!!

Lady_MSnow said...

I know...she is growing up fast. She is the same age that Titus was when she was born! I can't imagine having #3 already. She will be 1 1/2 months shy of 2 when baby comes. Her black/brown hair has turned almost completely blonde!

Anna said...

Cute sets Melanie. Thanks for testing them for me.