Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Snow and Wisdom

Well I just wanted to add a few pictures that I took last night of the children playing in the snow. It is actually the first time that DD has been allowed to be outside since we moved! It has always been too muddy or when Hubby and DS were outside...she was napping. She loved it. She was our little puffy pink marshmallow!

I know I haven't posted about my "reading" the past few days....have been caught up with posting about my "SnowBabies". ;0) Well the past few chapters I have read have mainly been about wisdom and the attaining of. Wisdom is a free gift from God, but we need to ask for it. As a wife and mother I need wisdom everyday to discern what is best for my I should discipline....what I teach my children (School wise) to interact with my husband...etc. It is the lack of wisdom that gets many wives into trouble. Oh, they have the so called "knowledge" from the world, but I would much rather have the wisdom from our Lord on how to handle different situations. The world has plenty of advice to offer, but I very rarely take it. It usually only causes trouble. They "think" they know how they should react to their husbands "lack of Spirituality"...or that they watch to much TV...or whatever it may be. When in reality all they are doing is driving their husbands away. As women we are created to be a help meet for our husband. I am to love my husband unconditionally...even when he does something that irritates me. ;o) I am trying to practice that when my Beloved does something that irritates me (something I think he doesn't do right)...that I don't say anything and give it to God. I am not talking about just "saying" that I gave it to God, but truly giving it over to God with my whole heart. God will convict my husband of a certain thing if need be and I don't need to interject what I think should be done. I don't know if I made this clear or not, but right now I need to get back to taking care of my home. I just felt like sharing today. May God bless you all!


Sallenlouise said...

Awwww! How precious!
She is your little puffy pink marshmallow! Too cute!

Anna said...

Wonderful post, my dear. You always have such inspiring things to say that really challenge me in my own life and marriage. I too, need to pray for wisdom more often throughout the day. Thank you for sharing this. (and your pink marshmallow is adorable.)