Wednesday, January 31, 2007

God is so Good! =)

I am such a sap. I talked to hubby just a little while ago and he told me he had some wonderful news. He is getting a raise! (Of course I cried!) I thought I would never hear that. Out of all the time we have been together ( 4 1/2 years married and 3 years before) I don't recall him ever getting a raise. Some people know the hard time we have gone through in the past two years. DD will be 2 in March and 6 weeks before she was born he lost his job he had for 5+ years (won't get into that....) and now...A week before blessing #3 is due to arrive...he gets a raise with a job he really enjoys. He has only had this position for a few months too! So...this is definitely a bragging post on my Hubby and ultimately it all goes to the Lord! Through all the hard time we had for almost 2 years God has rewarded us! God is so good.

I am so happy for my wonderful Hubby. He works so hard for us and strives to follow Christ in everything he does. And it sure does pay off! Oh...I am just so excited! I think I may just have to go and make my hubby a treat for when he gets home! (maybe something chocolate. ;) top it all off..I don't have to make dinner for the next 2 nights! We are going to a family's home for bible study and dinner tonight and we are eating at my In-laws tomorrow night! Could things get any better? Well...I could go into labor..I can't wait to meet our little one! (The picture is of DD sending a kiss to her Papa. ;)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I am happy for you. :-D

In Christ,

Mrs. M.

Anna said...

Congratulations to you!! HOw wonderful to get this raise so close to Blessing #3!! I am so happy for you. Praise God! (and that kiss is so sweet. She is such an adorable little girl)