Thursday, January 25, 2007

Last Prenatal Check-up....Hopefully ;-)

The midwife and her two "helpers" came to the house this morning for my check-up. She always comes to the house at least she knows where she needs to go when I go into labor. ;) Anyway...everything looks fine. Blood pressure, pulse, measurement, etc...appears to be fine. The baby's head is down...which is a very good thing. The baby is due in 2 weeks, but we will have to wait and see what happens. Hopefully I don't go late with this one. DD was late by 5 days, but that was to be expected. DS was 1 day early...and I think that was only because of the pitocin. Otherwise...he probably would have been born on his due date. He missed my sister's birthday by one day though. So anyway...need to take a "nap"....we didn't get much sleep last night and I am feeling it right now, plus the two children are cranky....I think we all need a rest. the near future I hope to post that I have gone into labor. May our Lord richly bless you today. =-)

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