Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Nothing yet

Well...haven't heard anything yet from Angie. I am very surprised that they haven't been born yet, but I know the doctor was hoping for her to wait. I want to see these little guys so bad, but I guess they will come when they come.

As for myself...I only have 3 weeks left! I am trying to get all the last minutes things done. Today I need to finish putting away the laundry I did yesterday and I need to make "covers" for the pads for our "new" chair. I say "new" because we found it in our neighbors trash...so to speak. They where throwing it away. There was nothing wrong with it. So for $20 we got a new glider rocker. Just needed to purchase the new pads for the rocker! So now we have two. One for DD's room and one for our room so we can rock the baby after he/she comes.

So...I better get to work! I need to finish up some odds-n-ends. I hope you all have a wonderful God-filled day!

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