Thursday, January 04, 2007


Well, I finally found some batteries for the camera. So this post is going to be "overloaded" with pictures. Okay...this first picture is of my darling daughter. ;) She decided to get herself dressed today.

As you can see, she has the neckline of the dress around her waist. At least she tried.
Then she decided she wanted to ride the horse and she also wanted to wear her favorite accessory....a hat. She loves this prairie bonnet!

This dish soap dress is from a Pattern by Anna at Lullabies and Lace. I made it for myself for my birthday because I had the necessary "supplies" on hand. I really wanted to make the vintage shell purse, but I didn't have the handles....let alone the color yarn I wanted. So it will have to wait.
This next pictures are of 12" squares I have been making for a couple of different swaps. I have all the blue ones done for a swap over at Lullabies and Lace and I hope to send them out this Saturday. Just need to get them packaged. The green one is for a swap at Crochetmania.
I realize it is hard to see this picture real well, but this is the blanket for my progress of course. It takes about 30 minutes to do one row because of all the color changes! I hope, since I got a lot of other things done that I can get some more work done on this.

These next three pictures are of the dresses that we made for my daughter and a vest for my son too. She ended up with 7 dresses total. We even made a dress and vest for the baby out of the same brown material DS and DD have their vest and dress. I hope to get a really cute picture of the three children after the baby is born.

These last two pictures are of what I worked on for the past three days (off and on). I made this for out bundle of joy who will be joining us in about 5 weeks or so. I love this blanket because it is not the usual "shape" of a baby blanket. It is more of a blanket that I would use to lay the baby on the floor or somewhere for naptime/playtime instead of it being on to wrap him/her up in. Although I can do that too! So...I hope you enjoyed being updated with pictures! May the Lord bless you today!


Marci said...

You have been a busy bee. Too bad your friend who is afraid to put her name on the internet doesn't comment on your posts. I know she reads them. =)

Lady_MSnow said...

I know she does too....she is just silly that way. ;)

Anna said...

Wow! This post makes me excited to try out my brand new sewing machine that hubby bought me for Christmas. I am dying to make some dresses for the little crumb-bum.

I better get started on my squares soon for the swap. (I still have time long can I stall for?)

Lady_MSnow said...

I'm sure you won't stall very long. =)

Crochetingangel said...

great job, those dresses and your little girl are just adorable. I have my sewing machine buried somewhere in the attic, someday it will get pulled out again, and give it another whirl.

Anonymous said...

I'm not afraid to use my name! Victoria Catherine Hudson! There! Seriously, that star blanky is exceedingly nifty. Good job, darling. :-D

Lady_MSnow said...

Glad you like it Miss Hudson! ;)

Marci said...

Ah Victoria, I meant your REAL NAME!!!! CHICKEN!!

Megan said...

Those are beautiful!