Monday, August 11, 2008


Pilgrim Pathway School of Discovery is now in session! We had our first day of school today. I am loving the curriculum, MFW Kindergarten, already. The children really enjoyed it as well. Here is a picture as we were getting ready to officially start kindergarten. Although, you can barely see them on the sides of the table. ;o)
They were so excited to start. Big T kept saying, "I wanna do school!" But I told he he had to wait until after lunch. I needed to get my laundry out on the line first. The main topic today was Genesis 1:1-5. We talked about how God created the heaven, the earth, and that there was darkness. But said "Let there be light" and obviously...there was light. ;o) So they then colored in a number one that was half light and half dark. (This will be a continuing thing throughout the week.) After that they colored a page of what they thought light and darkness was like and we will also add to this and make it into a book. We also reviewed the letters "A" and "B."
Then came snack time. Yummy! We had ice cream to represent the light and chocolate to represent the darkness.
To end the day we watched the second video from Signing Times and reviewed our signs from the first video and this one. They really enjoy these videos and so do I! Now, I need to go finish my laundry and get ready for tomorrows lessons. :D

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Kelli said...

Happy First Day of School! It looks like you did lots of fun things!