Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Long, But Great Day!

Our trip to the museum was nice, but it was a LONG day. I want to first say thank you to Lady H for watching Little E for us. (We had 8 people and only a 7 passenger van, so she ..and her family...watched Little E for the day.) We were blessed to have friends (and their daughter) join us for the day. Here is Baby I as we started off our trip and don't forget to enjoy the muffins.
We didn't take as many pictures in the museum as we did the last time. It was really busy and we were trying to keep track of Big T and Sweet E. :D But the dinosaurs were the highlight of the day for Big T.

This time we got a chance to walk the gardens. I love it...it was so beautiful! The children loved the petting zoo and the suspension bridge.
By the time we got back inside to watch "The Last Adam" Sweet E was "done" and fell asleep in my lap. :D
And then it was time to head back across the Ohio River and head home. Big T didn't take long to fall asleep. We barely got into Indiana and he was out. :D It took Baby I about 2 hours of fighting sleep to finally give up. :D
We were blessed with safe travel and friends to accompany us. I just missed my Little E a lot, but I know he had a fun day too. There are frustrations with doing 6 hours of traveling in a day, but it sure does provide a lot of wonderful memories. :D

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Marci said...

I want to get down there one day. I know what you mean about all the driving. My Dad and I drove to Lexington KY and back last week in one day. We did not have any little ones though.