Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Love Free Stuff!

A couple of weeks ago I...*ahem* wasted time signing up for a lot of giveaways. But, I must say it paid off and I just "had" to show off one of the things I one. I got an email from the wonderful ladies at Marie-Madeline Studio saying I won their gracie ruffle skirt for Sweet E! When it came in the mail Sweet E was so happy. Before they sent the skirt to me I had asked for any scraps from the skirt to make an outfit for Sweet E. They happily gave me some scraps and I was able to applique on a shirt to finish an outfit for her. She was so happy when she got to wear it to church today and I wanted to show some pictures.

**I also need to add the I won the head covering Sweet E is wearing from Garlands of Grace. Sweet E claimed it as soon as I opened the package. :D**

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Bridget said...

OH MY GOOOOOODNESS!!!! That is the cutest outfit!! And the headcovering adds to it and just makes her look SO sweet!! Congrats on winning those beautiful things!! Great job on the shirt!! It looks beautiful!!!!