Saturday, August 09, 2008

Family Reunion

Today we had a family reunion, at my BIL's farm, for Hubby's Side of the family. (It would be my FIL's side). The family name is Easterday and I think they are from Austria originally. Anyway, we had a lot of fun so I wanted to share some pictures. First of all we were all asked to wear red, white, and/or blue. I bought the children some red shirts from a thrift store and did a reverse applique on them with their Initial and age. The children love them! I love them now, but wasn't loving them last night when they were giving me a hard time.
At the reunion we have a time of sharing (this year we were to share what our favorite childhood toy was...lot of votes for bikes and big Wheels and a few for Leg0s as well. We also had the officially meeting and everything.
Elisabeth didn't even notice that there was a meeting going on because she was to engrossed in what a cousin had caught...a toad. :D
After the meeting all the children decided to go swimming. (Beloved went swimming as well to keep an eye on the children.) It was such a beautiful day today. I don't think it could have been any nicer, except for the water in the pool. They said it was COLD! And I believe it. Big T and Sweet E's lips started to turn purple after a while. Little E was in the pool for a couple of minutes, but there were too many children and he couldn't take it. So I took him over to the kiddie pool.
Every year hubby is asked to turn the pool into a wave pool. Here is a short video of it. I think after we left my BIL probably had to add more water to the pool. ;) It really was a great day for food, fellowship, and lots of FUN!

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Bridget said...

We also went to a family reunion on my husbands side, but we always feel like the odd ones in the bunch because they are a pretty rough crowd. They are nice enough, but just not like my family reunion would be. They don't have the cleanest talk and you never know what you are going to see!!! So, we grin and bear it until the next year! But the kids had a blast because they had a little pool :) Looks like you all had an awesome time!!!