Friday, August 22, 2008

S sounds like....

Today we started our lesson on the sun and letter S. The first thing the children did was paint themselves a yellow sun using a Styrofoam ball. They were so proud of it when they were finished. :D

Then we had a lesson about light and dark. I blindfolded Big T and Sweet E and they tried to walk around. They both agreed that it was easier to walk in the light than in the dark. :D They had so much fun with that activity. Hope to take them out tonight or tomorrow and do the same exercise, but not with the blindfold, just walking in the dark vs. the light. (I know...what was I thinking since Sweet E is such a klutz...but I kept a close eye on her.)
We also talked about how Jesus is the Light of the World tying in the previous exercise. Afterward we talked about the letter S and the sound it makes. I had them cut out (got to practice those scissor skills) some cards and color them. Talking about the Spoon starts with /s/ and so on.
To end our school time we practiced writing the letter S in some rice. The children love doing this. And rice isn't as messy as salt or flour.
Well, I better go have my lunch now so we can have a KinderBach lesson this afternoon. :D Blessings to all!


Marci said...

How fun Melanie. Your children will have a ball and be learning at the same time.

Ginny said...

Sorry I haven't commented in a while, but I have been closely following your school progress. I am very impressed. I thought, today, that if I had children, I would love to do their schooling like you are. You are doing a wonderful job, darling!

Lady_MSnow said...

Thanks means a lot to me to hear that somebody thinks I am doing okay. ;)

Anna said...

Oh boy. I can't wait to get this curriculum. I love this kind of learning. Its the very kind of learning that made me want to homeschool in the first place. Its so neat to find something that is so similar to what I already had in my head. :)