Monday, August 13, 2007


Yes, I realize that this isn't a wonderful picture to look at, ( at least my feet went covered in dirt yet) but I wanted everyone to know what the noise was earlier this morning. It was me saying YEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOW! And I also wanted to warn all of you that wooden children's rockers do bite. So be never know when one is going to attack. :)


Jane said...

Ouch! We will have to compare toes on Wednesday. I still have a wicked looking toe :)

Marci said...

Oh Melanie, that looks VERY painful. I am sorry. Hope you had a good visit today. Maybe next time I can come.

Ron and Ginny said...

Poor thing! I winced a couple of times today when I saw either Lizzie or Titus step on it. Ouch! Thanks for letting me come over and visit! I had a nice time. :-D