Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Latest Projects

Our oldest niece just turned 15 this past Sunday. Isn't she a beautiful young Lady? She is such a blessing to our family. I believe that God has wonderful things in store for her.

So, on to the "crafty" part....I wanted to make her something for her birthday. She is involved in many things- marching band, swim team (for school and summer swim team), violin, piano, etc. With school starting I was wanting to do something in school colors. So I decided to make her a headband and a coin purse for her bookbag (something she could take to ball games and to school). I really liked how they turn out and she seemed to enjoy them.
I wanted to make the two sides of the coin purse different. First time I have ever used the pattern. I found it on the Sewing Mamas forum in the downloads section.

The top two pictures are of me trying it on to make sure it would fit and then a wonderful picture of our niece trying it on. I also gave her the patterns to the coin purse and to the headband so see can make more of her own.The pattern for the headband can be found here at this website.


Ron and Ginny said...

Beautiful, darling. I'm glad she liked them. :-D

Peggy said...

how do you find the time to do all you do? lovely, really lovely

Marci said...

They turned out really cute Melanie. Good job!!!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is very nice! I know she will really enjoy them! She is a beautiful young lady!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Wow - great work! What a nice gift.

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday to your niece! The gifts you made for her are wonderful!