Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I just wanted to take time to post some pictures from Sunday. My FIL/MIL and BIL/SIL met us at Ye Old Mill for a Father's day get together and some ice cream. My other BIL and his family were at a Cleveland Indian's baseball game....so I guess their excuse will have to hold up. ;) Here is a picture of my FIL and Little E. Little E loves his Papaw a lot (just as the other children do.)

This picture is of all the Papas (FIL, Hubby, and BIL).

This last picture is of Hubby, his dad, and his sister. As I mentioned before his brother was at a baseball game. We had a good time. The children enjoyed seeing their aunt, uncle and cousins. They get so excited when they see them! I must have gotten my bite while we were down there because my MIL had some of the same symptoms, but on her ear and face. As of yesterday it wasn't nearly as bad as mine. Here are a couple of pictures of mine. Not the greatest, but I think you can get the idea. The pen outline is what the doctor did. And by the time of this picture it had grown 1 inch outside of the line she had drawn. This morning it seems to have gone down on one side of my arm, but spread further on the other side. It also itches really bad today and is sore. I sure hope these antibiotics take care of it!
So....I am just trying to take it easy and trust in the Lord that all things work for the good. So...I am off to do my laundry and I pray that you all have a blessed day!


Ron and Ginny said...

Wow! I'm sorry, but that ain't purty! I'm glad you are not having a whole lot of pain with it. We are praying that it goes away SOON!

Marci said...

Bryan and his Sister look like their Dad!!!

I am really sorry about your arm. I hope it goes away soon.

Jane said...

Oh Mel that looks awful I hope the antibiotics kick in. I'm glad the kids didn't get any bites.

Kelli said...

Your arm looks so painful! I am praying that it heals quickly! The pictures of your get-together are wonderful!