Saturday, June 16, 2007

Farmer's Market and a Package

What a wonderful day we have had. The first thing we did this morning was go to the market. On our way there (we walk and it takes about 20-25 minutes) we stopped and picked up some Orange Juice for hubby and myself and Chocolate milk for the children. Once we got there was stopped at Marge's table and had some wonderful blueberry muffins. (In case you couldn't guess, this was our breakfast). Once the muffins were finished Sweet E was over at the fountain. They love that fountain, but was looking a little brown. :p
It didn't matter to her though. She still loved it. Big T took a little longer in getting over to the fountain because he wanted to make sure that he drank ALL of his milk before going anywhere. :) All the while my precious Little E was sleeping in the stroller.

Isn't he adorable? Can you believe he is already getting up on his hands and knees like he is ready to crawl!? I am not ready for him to start that yet. I want him to stay little, but I know he won't.

After the children had their muffins and fun at the fountain they were given money to purchase cookies from their favorite vendor.
Miss Ginny ;) As you can clearly see...Sweet E loves her cookies!

After we got back from the market Sweet E and I got our
"purposes" and headed for the store. While we were at the store Hubby, Big T and Little E stayed home. The boys played in the yard while Papa mowed. Little E always enjoys being outside. Later in the afternoon I got an awesome package from Anna. Check out these pictures!

She found clothing for Little E because Little E and Big T's birthdays are exactly 6 months apart so the clothing that was 3-6 month for Big T is totally the wrong season for Little E. Not only did she send clothing, but she sent yarn too! Isn't it awesome. She sent some Paton's Grace which I would have never purchased myself. Isn't it gorgeous. But the best part about the whole package is this....
A teapot and PG Tips Tea. Anna always talks about how awesome this tea is and how it reminds her of when she lived in England. She always had to "rub it in" that she had this tea. I am so excited to try this tea tonight! I can't wait. Thank you so much Anna. This is such an awesome gift. More than I could have ever expected. Thank you again. :)


Ron and Ginny said...

Nice pictures! And what a package! That is nice! I'm glad for you. Enjoy!

Anna said...

Oh I am so glad you got it. And that you like it. Please let me know if you like the tea. I sure hope you do. I actually found out that my commissary here carries it. Can you believe that? So, I won't have a problem keeping myself stocked with it for as long as we live here.
And the only reason I "rubbed it in" is because I bought that tea for you at the same time I bought mine. So, I KNEW you would be getting your own very soon and I could rub it in. :)
Have a Happy Father's Day!!