Wednesday, May 02, 2007


What a wonderful afternoon I had today. They ladies in our fellowship gathered together for a tea today. The main reason is that we will soon have two ladies leaving. One is going with her family to Guatemala for Language School and the other is leaving with her family to New York for 3 months. We all wanted have time to be together and fellowship with one another before "parting." The hostesses (the mother and her daughters) made wonderful food for us. I really enjoyed the raspberry parfaits...I think they were a vanilla type yogurt (maybe...Mrs. M correct me if I am wrong) layered with a raspberry sauce and topped with whip cream. YUM! Plus they were pleasing to the eye in tall elegant glasses. It was also enjoyable because older children from our church watched the little ones while we visited. The younger children ran races, swinging, going down the slide and having all sorts of fun. So it was definitely a Win-Win situation! The conversation was wonderful...we spoke about "counting our blessings" so to speak. We went off on a lot of tangents, but this was the article the stuck out most in my mind. It reminds me of how easy, we as Christians, have it in this country. We are not persecuted for our faith like so many of our Brothers and Sisters in China, Turkey, Columbia, Russia, and many other countries. I just want to encourage you all to think about your attitude. Do you complain about things? What things do you complain about? Do you realize that there is always someone out there that has it worse off than you do? So what if your car doesn't run the least you have one...Actually maybe for some it would be better if you didn't. ;) So what if you don't have dessert for dinner every night. Some people don't even know what dessert is! Does it really matter if the dress you have isn't quite the color you were wanting? There is someone out there that would probably love to have it and cherish it...even if it is an ugly color. Just some things to think about.


Kelli said...

Your tea sounds just lovely and how wonderful to be able to visit with like-minded friends. Thank you for sharing your day with us!

Anna said...

Wow. Some poignant thoughts there. Sounds like you had a lovely and challenging tea. We do have it very easy in our country. I oftentimes wonder if I could hold to my faith when facing torture like that.

Heart said...

Your tea must have been beautiful! What humbling and wonderful thoughts. Thank you and God bless you and yours.