Thursday, May 24, 2007

Crazy Days

Oh my! What a day I had yesterday. It started out simply...I was finishing up some loads of laundry I didn't get done the previous day and then it went crazy from there. My wonderful MIL called me and asked if they (My FIL and herself) could come over in the afternoon to take the children and I for ice cream. Well..I had a ton of cleaning to do, so I started racing around to get that done. Then I walked outside and got the surprise of my life. But before I get to that I need to give some "background."
There have been a couple of cats around our house and in our yard. They seem to roam the neighbor hood and we have been "fighting" to keep them out. Well, they have even had a couple of fights in our backyard (not good when my children love to be outside) and one of the fights left substantial fur in our backyard. And I do mean that they left a large amount behind. Well Shad seemed to be healed up from his little surgery last week so we decided to leave him out over night. By leaving him out we believe we have kept the two cats out of the yard. Well yesterday I walked outside and heard a little "meow, meow, meow". I knew that sound and I was not happy. Yep there were 3 little kittens under our back laundry room (Used to be a porch and they closed it in). So..I start the task of trying to get them out. I was able to get one out and into a box (they were probably 3 weeks old) and then the other two did not want to come. So my beloved came home for lunch and we had to "dig" them out. When I say dig...I mean dig. The portion under the laundry room is open for the most part (which we didn't realize) because around the perimeter where bales of straw. We had to dig out about 6 bales of straw to get to them...and then we had to use the garden hose and the rake to even get the other two out. Needless to say..I wasn't happy. I don't mind Buddy so much ("he is one funny dog"), but I prefer dogs to cats any day! So...that was my day yesterday in a nutshell.
Oh yeah...the other "annoying" thing is that we have put the car up for sale in the paper for over a week and have only had 2 calls on it. And both people didn't show up! That is just rude because they never called to cancel and we arranged our schedules around them. Oh maybe I can get to my "normal" schedule.


Ron and Ginny said...

Poor Melanie, Darling,

I understand! And I'm glad you like my dog. Titus certainly looks like he is stretching upwards and getting thinner. He is looking older all the time. Or else it is just that picture and that face. Oh, he is the one for making faces!!! I hope you have a better day today.

In Christ,


Kelli said...

Whew! What a busy day!! Are you going to keep any of the kittens? :0)