Friday, June 18, 2010

Staying Busy and Having Fun

Can you say "Ouchie?!" Sweet E got a rope burn from playing tug of war. It was pretty bad for a few days. Then about a week or two later she bruised and scraped her neck. Poor girl is once again living up to her Tumbleina nickname.

On to another subject. Special K had a great time riding in the wagon. Big T is such a great big brother.

Sweet E even enjoyed a ride. :-)

They are already the best of friends. :-)

This is the pose she always gives me. Oh well, at least she smiles for the camera.

Little E just finished his race in this picture.

And more baby pictures...just because. Don't you just wanna squish her and give her lots of kisses? :-)

I think she had enough of having her picture taken.


Anna said...

Love all these pictures of the children. You are blessed with a wonderful family.

Marci said...

What great pictures. The one of Sweet E in the BLUE CHECKS is cute and that last one of Special K... What a doll baby.