Friday, June 18, 2010

Honey Run

Last Friday we finally got to chance to head out to Honey Run with no chance of rain! The water was ice cold, but it was so much fun!

Here I am telling Big T where to step so he doesn't fall (which had already happened once by this time)

Yes, her eyes are a closed, but she did enjoy watching everyone. Next time we will make sure to get her in the water too.

It's so nice to have so many parks in our county. Gives the children a lot of opportunities to run some energy off. And the waterfall is beautiful. (Sadly I would recommend wearing water shoes or sandals. There was trash and some broken glass. It's too bad others have to ruin it.)

The children were fascinated by this tree that was growing out of the rocks.

It's safe to say that Little E was very scared. He did not like crossing the water. Oh well. I almost fell because he wouldn't walk across, but we came out okay. We hope to be back very soon!


Marci said...

I will have to check that out. How far of a walk is it from the parking area?

LadySnow said...

It's a short walk, but it's not that bad.