Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Mother's Day

Yes, mother's day. I am that far behind in pictures. When I started the download tonight it said I had 460 pictures! I guess I got burnt out with pictures for a while since the wedding. :-) Oh well, here are the pictures from Mother's Day...almost a month late.

Since my Daddy helped us to save money on parking Beloved and the children purchased a chair that I have been wanting for a long time. I envied my MIL's lounge chair and now I finally have one. :-)

And the last thing I wanted to share was of Sweet E's Mother's day song. I think it's so cute. :-)


Marci said...

Great pictures. They are sure growing fast.

Anna said...

Hope you had a blessed Mother's Day. The children sure are growing up fast. I need to have Chloe write another letter to Sweet E. We need to start saving up for a trip to visit you all. Maybe this fall? Would you be willing to have us visit this fall sometime?