Thursday, June 03, 2010

My Baby is Getting so Big!

I know Special K is 7 months old, but I just want her to stay little forever! Okay, not really. But I am loving on her as much as possible. I normally start the children on solid food right around 6 months, but I waited with Special K. I would have started her on food a week before the wedding and I would have had to haul extra stuff with us. So, I just waited until after we got back. Here are some pictures from her first taste of rice cereal. :-)

She was happy at first.

She wasn't so sure about it....

Then she seemed to like it.

Then she wasn't so sure again

She sure loves to eat now. So far Special K hasn't shown any signs of food allergies after a month. I pray it stays that way. :-)

Another night in May the children and I went out to the retirement home to help my MIL (who is an activities director there) prepare a couple of spots in the courtyard for residents to plant tomatoes.

But first I wanted to show this picture. The picture below happens every day at the retirement home. Deer are everywhere up there. I remember seeing at least 12 right outside the building one day. You have to be careful going up the drive...because I almost hit one the other day.

Special K enjoyed watching Nana get the garden beds ready and eating grass. You can see a piece of grass on her lip.

To you this may look like regular ol' landscaping in a courtyard, but....

to my's a jungle! They love playing in here anytime they get a chance. See the legs? ;-)

And there is even a bunny that lives in the courtyard. I always feel sorry for him though. The children don't mean to, but I think they scare him.

There are still plenty more pictures to come. I will post them as my time allows. :-) I pray everyone is having a great day!

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Anna said...

Its funny how children see things. We have a drive on our way to ballet that is covered in trees. Just beautiful. Everytime we drive through it Chloe gasps in amazement and says (in awe), "Are we in the jungle?"