Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Love Autumn!

What better way to start the season then to have a doughnut and cider party! :D Remember all those apples I canned last week? Well there were still plenty of apples left over, so a family in our church graciously had everyone over for a get together. They made fresh doughnuts and cider. Here is a picture of the ladies getting the doughnuts made.
Here are the doughnuts being fried up...it smelled heavenly in that kitchen. ;o)
And then about half of the doughnuts after they had been glazed. They were delicious!
While I was inside near the doughnuts ;o) Beloved was outside helping with the cider. We had 2 presses and I think almost everyone helped out.
We even had popcorn popped over a fire. So much food and great fellowship. It was a wonderful evening.
Oh, and after everyone had some doughnuts, cider and popcorn most of us went for a ride on a hay wagon. The children, and adults, had a lot of fun. Although we should have made a stop at Marci's house to serenade Josh before they left for the wedding. ;o) But we missed our chance...oh well...I know where he is going to live. ;) Oh...and here is a short video of the children helping with the cider.


Anonymous said...

Oh that looked like so much fun, it is so awesome to ladies covering!

Ginny said...

Nifty pictures! I wish I had been feeling better. I would have loved to taste everything!

Sarah said...

Oh those look delicious!! Any chance you'd share the donut recipe? We usually have a fall get together around here as well :) One of my favorite times of the year...all the holidays to look forward to!

Anonymous said...


Lady_MSnow said...

Keturah?;o) We miss you too....be sure to send me your address please. :D

Kelli said...

Oh, that looks like such a fun get together you can't go wrong with donuts! They look delicious!

Marci said...

It sure looks like you had fun. I love the donuts they make so it is probably a good thing I was not there.

I hope you and Brittany become good friends. You will be good for each other and you are both awful nice!!!